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Team spirit

image K&J Woodworks owner, Brett Burich (left) alongside Hays community members.

AUSTIN - The team members and owners of K&J Woodworks keep their hands busy with outside activities and serving the community of Uhland. The team members want to give back to the community and did when they partnered last year with HEB.





    Leslie Burich, owner says they joined the project called “Operation Finally Home,” which involved assisting a veteran and his home. “We did all the cabinetry work that was in his home. It was a wonderful activity that we all got behind.” K&J Woodworks is a custom millwork company and the team members used their skills after hurricane Harvey’s devastation. The Austin Disaster Relief Network approached K&J and they built bunk beds for the First Methodist Church volunteers, who were at the time sleeping on the floors. “They knocked out 45 bunk beds and delivered them,” Burich adds. She expresses her gratitude having several team members that are true craftsman. Burich recalls seeing her team members spend time on creating works of art, whether it be with wood, metal or projects on an old home. They’ve even made her jewelry pieces that she wears.
    Mrs. Burich and her husband Brett Burich, also owner says their team members are dedicated, talented, and hard working. Last year the company celebrated 30 years in business. Mr. and Mrs. Burich give back to their team members in many ways. For one they host a quarterly and annual barbeque. “Annually we host a big barbeque and a fireworks bash for our team members, their families, friends, our customers and the community of Uhland.” This past year K&J hosted around 350 people. Of course, the quarterly barbeque isn’t as large. Instead, it’s just the team, who cook for each other. “We have a cooking team as we call ourselves.” Leslie shares they all spilt up the duties in order to close early on a Friday afternoon and enjoy each other’s company.
    Remember, the team keeps their hands busy. This also includes playing sports. If you ever stop by the facility you’ll see their very own soccer field with professional goalie nets. K&J sponsors different activities, including a soccer team this past season. The team placed third in the league. Burich says they’ve even added a basketball court in the warehouse. “We participate in a Humana program through our health insurance. We are sponsoring things so that people can earn their points and decrease their monthly insurance cost.” As a company, the Burich’s want to have their team members be able to benefit from their hard work, have good lives and lifestyles.
    Mr. Burich is now the driving force of the company. His admiration for the line of work began 25 years ago, when he started working at a young age. He managed to learn the traits and move his way up in the company. Mr. Burich was a general manager at the time and had been in the conversation of transitioning into ownership as the owner wanted to start transitioning to retirement. In 2013 the owner of the company suddenly passed away. That event pulled everyone closer together, which has brought success. Today, the Burich’s have been owners for 3-1/2 years. “We just recently recognized many employees who have been with the company anywhere from 10 to 25 years,” she says. K&J Woodworks are not just craftsman or team members; they are the reason for the company’s success.
    K&J Woodworks is a custom millwork company in Uhland, TX. –lv

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