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Dynamic duo

image Knowl and Gray Richardson at a job site.

AUSTIN - Gray Richardson, president at Magnum Two Drywall Inc. says, “I mean my goodness, how many ways can you split a penny.” Not too many ways I’m sure.






    Before it was Magnum Two Drywall, it was Gray, his brother, and nephew. Richardson remembers throwing out the name “Well Hung Drywall,” but noticed how that may come off as odd when introducing themselves to clients. “Hi I’m from Well Hung and I’d like to work on your home,” Richardson says laughing out loud. The term Magnum comes from his brothers gun, a Magnum 300 he uses to hunt. Then on paydays the Magnum Drywall men would argue and fight over a penny. “So we decided we would go our separate ways and become separate businesses. His
became Magnum 1, I was Magnum 2, and my nephew was Magnum 3,” he says.
    Today, it’s just Richardson and his son Knowl Richardson working at Magnum Two Drywall. Knowl also handles the book keeping and computer work for the business.
    The father and son aren’t looking to expand because there is enough in Austin to keep them busy. Plus, Austin is where he crews his men for jobs. “They are separate contractors. Most of them have been with me for 20 years.”
    Once a year Richardson would host a large picnic serving burgers and hotdogs at a city park for the crew and their families. “Now I give turkeys away for thanksgiving and HEB gift cards.”
    Gray and Knowl take things one day at a time. Since losing their commercial framer due to retirement, Gray says, “We still do a little bit every now and then for people. The last one we did was a barbershop. It turned out beautiful. It’s a very fancy place to go get your haircut for guys. I’d like to say they are paying for the atmosphere.”
    There’s never a dry moment for Gray and Knowl in their line of business. –lv
    Magnum Two Drywall Inc. is an Austin residential/commercial drywall and construction contractor.

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