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Bringing vision back to life

image The Air Technologies Inc. team.

AUSTIN - Can you imagine being a young man in high school and not knowing what you wanted to do when you got out of high school? Knowing that you have to pick a path can be very discouraging and for most it is. Books aren’t for everyone. Just where or what do you do?




    “I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do when I was in school.  My dad was a part-time electrician and I had helped him a lot doing electrical work so I went to tech school,” says Mike Huber. 
    While in tech school he visited with the school supervisor about taking an electrical course. Not only did he take an electrical course, he took an air conditioning course as well.  The air conditioning course seemed to really capture his curiosity and he decided to stick with it. But most companies required five years experience so the school helped him find a job.
    In 1980, Huber moved to Texas and remained in the industry.  In 1997, Huber went to work for Air Technologies Inc. just two short years after the company was established.  
    “I was a HVAC service mechanic. Testing and balancing is related to the service industry of air conditioning so I’ve been in the industry in general since I was about 19,” says Huber
     About two and half years ago, Huber and two partners, Chad and Greg Mathews, became the new owners of Air Technologies.
    The company has expanded from what it originally did which was testing and balancing and is venturing into vibration and sound to make their presence more versatile in the industry.
    Huber says he likes the technical aspect of HVAC systems and enjoys knowing that when they are done, a system is balanced the way the designer or engineer envisioned it operating.
    Air Technologies, Inc., a service provider, is a National Environmental Balancing Bureau certified test and balance firm in Austin. –cmw

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