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Now take a look

image Barney Toler, managing partner of AQC Austin, LLC

AUSTIN - It’s not about taking over the world. It’s about trying to make a clean living. Specializing in healthcare renovations is an industry Barney Toler, managing partner of AQC Austin, LLC has been a part of for 31 years.





    He worked for Rex D. Kitchens Construction Co. for 10 years and worked his way up to becoming an estimator. Back in the ‘80s the economy was out of shape and Toler’s workplace went out of business. Toler decided to stay in the industry. “Jerry and I had worked at Kitchens together for six years and so we started our own business in 1987,” says Toler. Jerry Tredemeyer retired seven years ago.
    Toler says AQC has been in business 31 years. “We are strictly a renovation contractor; we don’t do ground up.” AQC will continue their work when the torch is passed to Toler’s son Kane Toler and Tredemeyer’s nephew Thomas English. Kane has also played a part of the business by becoming an estimator for the company. Both will eventually take over AQC and continue to contribute.
    AQC has been contributing to healthcare organizations, such as the American Heart Association for the past 10 years. They also contribute to St. David’s and Seaton medical center. Toler talks about the renovation work the company did for the Heart hospital. “We renovated the whole building with 58 patient rooms a couple years ago.” AQC is happy with being a remodeling contractor.
    The small firm of 10 guys is also not looking to expand. “We are happy in Austin. We are not interested in moving to another market. We really try to be laid back and try not to have a stressful environment. Being happy is a very important part of life.” Toler adds.
    Another important thing they stand by is mixing quality with cleanliness. Talk about clean construction.
    AQC Austin, LLC is a renovation contractor in Austin and central Texas. -lv

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