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Blessing in disguise

image L-R:  Sharon, Henry, Taylor and Kyle Anderson

AUSTIN - Before getting into construction, Kyle Anderson worked in Houston in the chemical sales industry and instrumentation industry looking for a change where he could build something from the ground up. He had a buddy who was a homebuilder and got a job with a small homebuilder. Anderson fell in love with the process and soon was building homes for himself.



    But the economic crash of 2008 was a difficult time for the construction industry across the nation.  For Anderson, it proved to be a blessing in disguise. With no more work and a spec building business that had fizzled out along with all his custom work, Anderson did what he had to do to survive. He started doing masonry work.
    “I finished a job using my friends masons after my mason had left me hanging.  He was a spec builder and was still doing some spec work.  I asked him if I could do his masonry work and that’s how I got started. In 2010, I started Trinity Masonry.” recalls Anderson.
    Slowly, the company started out doing residential and eventually evolved into commercial. No longer doing residential work, the company now focuses strictly on commercial.
    “We prefer the commercial side.  You have to wait a little longer to get paid, but the jobs are bigger.  We can expand our market doing commercial.  We’re able to do work for clients in Austin, Houston, San Antonio and Waco.  We’re trying to stay focused on the Austin market right now because it’s so hot, and we’re starting to do multi-family projects.
    “I have no regrets.  We are really thankful and blessed.  It just grew into something that we never dreamed it would grow into. We have a great team and some of the best masons in town,” states Anderson.
    Anderson adds that his wife, Sharon, was a critical part in growing the business.  “There were times when I wanted to quit and go back to home building and she’d say ‘no, you need to stay with it.  There’s something special about the masonry business.’  She kept me focused on it.  She worked for the company in the early stages doing the bookkeeping.”
    Just a small operation, the company that started out with just Anderson and a small crew, now operates with five true full-time employees and has subcontract masons that also work for him.  
    Anderson and his wife have been married for 14 years.  Together, they have two children.  Their daughter, Taylor, is 10 years old and their son, Henry, is seven.  While he works as much as he has to, Anderson enjoys spending as much time with his wife and kids as he can. 
    Trinity Masonry is a full-service architectural and commercial contractor in Austin, TX. -cmw

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