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Summer job blessings

image L-R: Dustin Cooper, Christian Rosa and Owner Aaron Reeves. -cmw

AUSTIN - Growing up in Florida, you would think that a young man would spend his summers at the beach, basking in the sun, checking out the bikinis, catching a wave, etc. Not Aaron Reeves. He spent his summers doing framing work. After he graduated he jumped right into the workforce doing what he knew best, framing.




    Jumping from job to job learning different aspects of the construction business, Reeves began working for a home improvement company that saw his potential and soon he became an estimator for the company.
    In 2002, Reeves decided to jolt into an enterprise of his own. The home improvement company he had worked for gave him the extensive knowledge he needed to start A & A 1st Choice. After a few years in business, Florida was hit by a hurricane, creating massive damage to homes, condos and apartment complexes. Reeves had more work than he needed. His company was growing at a steady rate. Unfortunately, Reeves would find out that nothing lasts forever and the economy in Florida, as with the rest of the nation, was devastated by the 2008 economic down turn. A & A 1st Choice lost 80 percent of its business that year.
    Reeves parents had moved from Florida to Texas in 2000. Speaking regularly with his dad, his father would tell him about Texas and how the market seemed to be booming and how great the big state of Texas was. It didn’t take much convincing. In 2010, Reeves packed up and moved to Texas introducing A & A 1st Choice to the Austin market.
    “Getting started in Texas was much harder. I didn’t know anyone.  I started doing some work for a local home improvement center, introducing me to more and more people. Now we are going strong. I want to build long-lasting relationships with my clients. We will take care of everything from finish-out to maintenance.”
    A & A 1st Choice is an interior finish-out subcontractor servicing in Round Rock servicing Austin and the surrounding area. -cmw

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