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Entering construction

image L-R: Sales Representative Ken Kiger and Operations Manager Brian Kuehn.

AUSTIN - Five months ago, ACM Tractor Sales decided it was time to get into construction. Although the company had been entertaining the idea for several years, they wanted to do their research.






    Having started out in business as a body shop in 2000. Owners Sandra and Allen Berry expanded their company’s services to agricultural equipment in 2003 while still providing bodywork which included fleet truck painting. Now ACM is proud to offer new and used commercial equipment.
    “We have been entertaining the idea for several years, but we wanted to do our research so we could offer a good, reliable product.  We just opened with skid steers five months ago and went with the Gehl line because they offer a good, reliable product, and they are American-made and a well-known brand,” says Brian Kuehn, operations manager.
    With the expansion of the Gehl line, the company is looking into further expansions of growth. “We have track loaders, skid loaders, mini-excavators and excavators right now, but we are looking into telehandlers, forklifts, and articulating loaders,” says Ken Kiger, sales representative.  The company is also expanding to provide a service division to ensure they can meet all their customers needs.
    “We are just getting in to the rental market,” says Kuehn. “We just got our membership with the American Rental Association and working on necessary insurances and licensing.”
    ACM is currently 25 employees strong including the company’s body shop employees. Twelve of the company’s employees are committed to the construction equipment division.
    ACM Tractor Sales is an equipment supplier located in San Marcos, TX. -cmw

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