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First-class skills

image Glen Irby and general manager, Cyril Allgeier III of Skillforce

AUSTIN - After leaving the equipment side of construction, Cyril Allgeier III ventured over to the skilled labor side as the general manager for Skillforce.







    Skillforce is a tier-2 subcontractor providing very skilled labor.  The company is relatively new to the Austin market and to Texas.  Established in 2003 in the Baltimore and DC metro areas, the company opened its first office in Houston 3-1/2 years ago, followed by the opening of their Dallas branch six months later and here in Austin, 2-1/2 years ago.
    Although the Austin branch only has two sales representatives, Allgeier and Glen Irby, the branch has 100 skilled service tradesmen.  “Our office is very small.  The reason we keep our office small, to keep overhead low.  It allows us to really focus on customer interaction and build relationships with our clients and find better people.  It’s just unpractical to have 20 people out in the field.  We have a very targeted approach.  We aren’t for every-
one. We are a premium service provider because we know what we can do for people,” adds Allgeier.
    When not working, the guys at Skillforce are avid outdoorsmen spending a lot of time hiking and hunting. Both are bow hunters and spend as much time outside as they can because during the workday, they don’t get enough of it.
    “I love the industry.  It’s a lot of fun and challenging everyday.  At the end of the day, you realize there are a lot great people in this industry trying to do the same thing and that is accomplish goals,” says Allgeier. 
    Skillforce is skilled labor subcontractor new to the Austin market.  -cmw

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