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A two-way street

image Collins Johnson, owner of Conquest Demolition

AUSTIN - Owners Janna and Collins Johnson could not be happier with the success their demolition company, Conquest Demolition is experiencing. “We hit the ground running. We have done absolutely wonderful things in the last two years. We’ve grown and we have a great presence,” says Collins.




   Offering a full array of demolition services from total building demolition to selective demolition, Conquest also has a service division offering concrete scanning, coring and saw cutting of every nature.  Using the latest, state-of-the-art technology, Conquest can scan concrete and show what is in the concrete; can show 3-D images of it, show more or less where conduit, rebar and posttension cable lies within it.
    “We own our own equipment; excavators, backhoes, skid steers, and much more. We have an in-house fleet manager who oversees our fleet maintenance and service.  We can repair our equipment “in-house” either at our shop or in the field with our own salaried mechanic,” adds Collins.
    Growing Conquest very aggressively, the two-year-old company is backed with a highly experienced staff.  “We have managers with 30 plus years experience.  We have made sure that we take our time to  procure the right personnel.
    “Everyone on our staff has OSHA training, OSHA 10 or above.  We are very strong on safety training.  It is very important to us that everyone goes home to their families every day safely. We take great pride in our safety record and we hold employee safety above all other initiatives. 
    “At Conquest, we feel that the Employer/Employee relationship is a two-way street.  So many business owners say, ‘I hired you, you owe me because I gave you a job.’  While that may be true, the other side of the coin is that they just entrusted their most valuable assets with you; their spouses, their children, being able to send their kids to college, being able to take care of their family.  They trusted their livelihood with you and your business model.  We have great respect for our staff and we know they all have choices as to where they work. Although, we have solid expectations of their commitment to their job descriptions and to our business overall, we also understand that an employee has certain expectations of their employer. It’s a two-way street between an employer and employee relationship.”
    Conquest Demolition continues to grow and will always strive to be the best at what we do.  Our customer’s trust in our services and our staff’s trust in our business model keep us moving in the right direction every day.  “We remain committed to our customer base and resourceful to our staff”, adds Collins.  “We fully intend to be the best at what we do and we want the market to continue to see us as their best choice for our services.” 
        Conquest Demolition is a full service demolition and concrete cutting subcontractor in Buda servicing the greater Austin area, San Antonio and College Station. -cmw

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