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A fit for roofing

image L-R: Scott Miller, owner of Tex Roofing and Emmanuel Rodriguez pose for a photo outside one of their residential jobsites.

AUSTIN - When it comes to roofing, it seems that painting and roofing are a natural fit for the owner of Tex Painting, Scott Miller who established a second company, Tex Roofing, in 2011.






    “There’s a great deal of roofing demand in the Austin market.  I was doing a lot of painting work and customers kept saying “Can you look at my roof?” After turning down about 20 opportunities to look at a roof, I eventually said, “Okay, let’s look at your roof.”  I brought in an expert who taught me and put him on the team and then looked at what was needed to start a roofing company and the proper insurance and certifications.   Before I knew it, I scheduled my first roof and we were on the ground running.
    “I want to be a specialty business and not a Jack-of-all-trades.  That’s why I brought in specific roofing crews and techs to manage and estimate jobs.  That way we are not trying to manage all different types of trades and just focus  on one.”
    The exciting thing about roofing, Miller says, is when it is raining, storming and the weather is bad, roofing is busy and painting is slow and vice versa.  “When it’s beautiful outside nobody is thinking about their roofs, but they’re thinking about the outside of their home.”
    The most difficult thing for this young entrepreneur, he says, is balancing life and work.  “My wife has been very supportive and understanding with the discipline and time it takes in building a business. A lot of us have young kids so we’re just trying to balance work and
raise some good kids.  I have three kids, ranging from 1 to 6-years-old.
    “I really enjoy the roofing business.  It’s more of a construction feel versus painting.  There are a lot of cool things that are coming with roofing technologies, whether it is metal, shingle or CPO, which is an applied material.  We’re staying up on the latest trends.”
    Tex Roofing is a specialty subcontractor in Austin and the surrounding counties. – cmw

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