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Working the dream

image L-R: CORZA Construction owner, Juan Carlos Garza, and Project Manager Corey Edwards.

AUSTIN - While pursuing his Bachelor of Arts degree in Civil Engineering, Juan Carlos Garza began taking on leadership roles on any informal project he could get his hands on. He seemed to have a knack for it. After completing his degree, he jumped into the workforce pursuing job positions with managing responsibilities and soon realized that he could work hard and fulfill a childhood dream of owning his own company.


    CORZA Construction was established in 2015.  Based in Austin, CORZA Construction specializes in government, commercial and residential construction with specific scopes of work in concrete, masonry, landscaping, land clearing and demolition.
    Garza has always had a passion to build.  When he was just 8 years old, Garza was determined to build the strongest tree house in his neighborhood. “I started out by collecting pieces of scrap materials and soon realized I would need more to work with, but how?” reflects Garza. “I sold cold lemonade at my grandfather’s auto parts shop during the summer.  I not only was able to get more material, I was able to pay a carpenter to help me build a stronger structure.”
    Starting a company was not easy because the industry was and still is always changing.  The industry would slow down and then it would get a jump-start again.  “There is something out there for everybody.  My heart is in this.  I take pride in the work I perform with my team.”
    When not working, Garza enjoys the great outdoors.  He has a great passion for fishing, hunting and horseback riding.
    “I greatly believe that one must give in order to receive, and I want to give back to the community.”  CORZA plans to collaborate with charitable organizations in the near future to provide services at reduced prices.
    CORZA Construction is a specialty contractor in Austin, TX.  –cmw

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