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Honest and true

image Bibiano Morales II and wife, Jenny, owners of BMC Plumbing.

AUSTIN - After loosing a finger on the job, Bibiano Morales II found it hard to find work he says due to the workers compensation claim that was filed. But he did not complain, his wife did not complain. They knew they had each other.





    Morales started out as an plumber’s helper back in 1997 for Custom Plumbing and eventually got enough hours to take his journeyman’s license test.  “Back in those days you didn’t have to go through an apprenticeship program to get your license.  You just had to have enough hours working under a journeyman to take your journeyman license test.  Then you worked a couple more years as a journeyman to take your master plumbers test,” says Morales
    About a year after getting his license, Morales decided to start up his own company, BMC Plumbing in 2005.
    Getting started was difficult for Morales he says. The first year was the hardest, but nothing is impossible.  Finding plumbing jobs wasn’t easy, but finding good people was the hardest.  “Some people just tend to take advantage of you especially when you don’t speak good English and because they you are not from here.  I’m a 100% Mexican.  I come from Acapulco, Mexico,” says Morales.  “Today, We have eleven employees.  Two of them are journeymen and the rest are apprentices, so from that one year mark through today has been good. Every job, we do our best and I’m honest with our clients.  Sometimes my clients wait for me to finish up jobs because they want me to do their job.  If I miss something in my proposal, I make it right.  I take care of the customer first and foremost. “
    Although BMC does service calls, their primary focus is new construction and services Austin and the surrounding counties, but will go wherever they need to go.  “We do work in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and we have even don work in Tallahasse, FL. “I always say this, if we are going to make money for me and my guys, we will go where the job takes us.” 
    Morales does all the estimating, but stills work in the field, while his wife Jenny oversees the office.  They have been married for 17 years and three children. Bibiano III who is 8 ½ years old, Jared who is 7 years old, and Jenny who is four years old.  His oldest, Bibiano likes to play the piano and my little Jenny likes to sing.  “Jared is my right hand.  He’s always by my side.  He even answers the phone for me.
    “When I’m not working I try to stay home with my kids on Saturday.  We go swimming, play basketball, watch movies, but Sunday for sure, we go to church.”
    BMC Plumbing is a full-service plumbing subcontractor in Austin.  -cmw

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