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Trees in construction

image Davey Tree SalesDavey Tree Sales Arborist, Derek Hausman Arborist, Derek Hausman

AUSTIN - Probably one of the oldest companies ever featured in Construction News, Davey Tree was established in 1880 in Ohio. And no, 1880 is not a typo.







    The employee-owned company has been in the Austin area for 20 years and as you can guess, is nation-wide.  They also have locations in Europe.
    “Davey Tree is a tree management company specializing in all aspects of tree care; pruning, removal, pests and disease, and management in both the residential and commercial sides of construction,” says Derek Hausman, Sales Arborist.  “Our commercial involvement entails mitigation, removal, identifying problems before they become a problem, more preventative instead of reactionary.”
    With 25 employees in the Austin location, the company provides service from San Marcos to Waco. 
    Hausman has been with the company for three years.  He started dragging brush while going to school and found that he really enjoyed that.  He later got what he calls a lucky break, moving him into sales, but says he misses dragging brush.   
    Davey Tree provides comprehensive landscaping, grounds management and tree care services on commercial properties across North America. –cmw

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