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A dragon in plumbing

image Gilbert Jimenez, owner of Blue Dragon Plumbing

AUSTIN - Gilbert Jimenez began his plumbing career 30 years ago while in high school in Philadelphia. Although he did not finish high school, he was able to continue his interest in plumbing. “I dropped out of high school and high school shipped me off to Job Corps in 1981. After graduating from Job Corps in 1983, they sent me to San Antonio. I got my journeyman’s license in 1985 in Texas.” He enjoyed plumbing so much; he decided to stick with it and today is the proud owner of Blue Dragon Plumbing, a family-owned business he began in 2011.

   Serving Austin and all surrounding areas including Georgetown and San Marcos, this small operation by most standards, stays extremely busy, which was evident by the many attempts in trying to meet up with Jimenez between his service calls. “We run a very busy operation,” he says.
    Getting started with his own business was not difficult for Jimenez, he says.  “Finding good help has been difficult, but being on my own has been a blessing.”
    When not servicing his customers, Jimenez stays busy doing regular projects like washing the company trucks, mowing the grass and just enjoying down time with his wife of 27 years.  “I try to keep myself busy, I don’t know how to relax,” says Jimenez.
    Jimenez would like to see his company grow to a full crew and offer 24-hour service to his customers. “Blue Dragon Plumbing is here to stay.  Our goal is to grow and to have a vehicle on all four corners of the city so that when customers call us we can be there because, as we speak, we are referring calls.  Every day we have to refer calls because we have so much work.  I keep five small companies very busy through referrals.  I want Blue Dragon Plumbing to be known all over the city.”
    Blue Dragon Plumbing is a residential and commercial plumbing contractor in Austin and the surrounding areas.  –cmw

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