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Starting the next chapter

image Collins Johnson, owner of Pinpoint Strategies Inc.

AUSTIN - It’s been ten years since Collins and Janna Johnson started Pinpoint Strategies Inc. in August of ’07 as a commercial painting contractor.






    Since that time, the company has been growing step by step.  In January of 2009, the company rolled out their commercial drywall division as an added service which included interior demolition, metal framing, acoustical ceilings, door and hardware installations,  a variety of specialty acoustical type products and treatments,  and miscellaneous installs.
    By 2011, they introduced their flooring division, separating themselves from the industry standards by offering hard and soft flooring.
    In 2012 their multi-family drywall
division entered into the market, which piggybacked with their flooring division.
    The company moved from down downtown Austin to Buda. Fully invested in his customers and his employees, Johnson has special provision for both within their new facility.  “It’s a good location with all the work we do in San Antonio and San Marcos, the toll road is close by and we have easy access to get us all around Austin and the surrounding areas,” adds Johnson.
    The 17,000sf facility offers plenty of office spaces for their staff and management team, and includes a gym for employees to use as needed and a 360 degree PM room with white boards and plenty of work space to spread out.
    One of the aspects of Pinpoint’s new facility was a design room that was built for estimators, contractors and architects to utilize as needed when discussing projects.  Looking like a library, this wall-to-wall room is filled with books and materials and has a workstation to allow individuals to brainstorm. Everything they need to assist the contractor or architect is at their fingertips.  
    “My employees are my most valuable assets.  We have 150 plus full-time employees.  We have 100 percent paid health insurance, matching 401k, and scholarship programs.”
    Every chance they get, the Johnsons with their three kids, 9-year-old Brady, 7-year-Bryndle and 1-1/2 –year-old Broden, spend time at their ranch they are developing with a shooting range, skeet range, and trap range.  When not there, they are on their boat on Lake Travis.  “Outdoor activities start Sept. 1 with dove season, followed by deer season, duck season, turkey season and our wedding anniversary the last week of January.  By the end of February white bass season kicks off, then April turkey season and then lake season out on the lake with wife and kids where we’re the happiest.”
    Pinpoint Strategies Inc. is a specialty painting and drywall contractor in Buda, TX.  -cmw

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