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Turn right at the chicken

image L-R: Co-owners, James Gould and Gray Richardson

AUSTIN - When getting ready to make a career move, long-time buddy Gray Richardson, partner and co-owner, convinced James Gould, partner and co-owner to start up a roofing business of their own. Having just hit their 5-1/2 year mark in business, Intrepid Roof Systems is going full steam ahead.




    The two buddies affectionately refer to themselves as a couple of redneck boys.  Richardson from Mobile, AL and Gould from south of Buda met twelve years ago while working on a job together.  Being good ’ol boys, the two struck up a friendship that is by no means an accident.  The two seem to compliment each other perfectly.
    According to Gould, the two good ol’ l boys started their new company the hard way.  “We didn’t borrow any money.  We started spending a lot of money and doing without.  It was difficult at first but we have no regrets.  The rewards are far greater than the things we’ve endured.”
    “Seeing something grow from the beginning, making something out of nothing, working for one’s self and putting in 18-hour days, the time and effort you put in and all the mental anguish, is well worth it.  But, the biggest thing is seeing something grow from nothing,” adds Richardson.
    The company seemed to grow pretty fast for the new entrepreneurs and would like to continue to see some steady growth, maybe with a couple of more office people and few more roofers.  “Since starting, we have not had any slow downs.  It’s been fast and furious for us.  When we started it was just myself, Gray and Gray’s son, Knowl.   We just kept growing.  We purchased a building three years ago and that was a big step for us,” reflects Gould.  “We were a three-man crew for a very short amount of time.  We started hiring within a month or so as the jobs progressed.  It was a natural progression of growth,” says Richardson. 
    Most of their employees came from the company that Gould used to work for.  “When our estimator, Michael Lowery, came over, that’s when we started to expand and grow,” says Gould.  “When I left my previous company and started Intrepid, it was still in business.  Most of the guys came over here and we’re happy to have them.  They all came over on their own.  Some of our guys have been working together for thirty years.”
     Relatively new in the industry, Intrepid Roof Systems helps out in the community in the best way they can by sponsoring baseball and softball fields, bike races, marathons, livestock show animals and a few other charities.
    Unlike most companies, Intrepid Roof Systems has a company mascot and they are very fond of it.  “We have a 9½-ft. fiberglass rooster that we purchased south of Sinton, TX that Gray and I both like.  We strapped it in the back of my pick-up truck, with half of it sticking out above the cab of my truck and brought it home.  But neither one of our families would let us bring it home, so we mounted our rooster, on top of our building.    It draws a lot of attention from the manufacturers and roofing distributors.  They all come by to see and take their picture with it.  Take 290E, turn right on Johnny Morris, turn right on Old Manor Road, then turn right at the chicken.”
    Intrepid Roof Systems is a commercial roofing and sheet metal subcontractor  covering the Central Texas area.  -cmw

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