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A new legacy with roots


AUSTIN - Kurt Brock’s family had a successful mechanical business in North Texas for 30 years. When his father decided it was time to retire, Kurt and Keri Brock decided it was time to start their own business. While visiting the Austin area, the couple found the perfect location for their new business, RKR Plumbing.



    Established in Jan. 2017, the couple is already making a name for themselves with new and old clients.   “We kept the contacts that our family business had and continue a strong relationship with them,” Kurt replies.
    “We moved to the Austin area because it’s a great place to live.  It’s beautiful and has an artist culture that we love and we wanted to move to an area where we could retire,” added Keri.    The new company has a full staff of 10.  Which is perfect for the young company with strong family values.  “We’re a small family.  We take care of each other,“ says Keri.
    “We have surrounded ourselves with some great people that are very smart, intelligent and caring,” says Kurt.  “Our employees enjoy what they do.  They enjoy working for us and want to do a good job for us because they feel and we feel they are part of the family.  In return, we enjoy taking care of them.
    “We wouldn’t ask them to do anything we wouldn’t do, and they know that.  We’re behind them and they know and appreciate that because they haven’t had that anywhere else,” adds Keri.
    Getting started in the Austin market was not difficult for RKR.  “It is a great market.  There is a lot of work going here and there is enough work for everybody. 
    “We have surrounded ourselves with some really good contractors that have our core values as well and are family oriented.  They take care of their people and that’s the kind of people we want to deal with.  We deal with some very large ones and some very small ones.  The whole key is who you surround yourself with; that’s the only way you are going to be successful,” replies Kurt.
    RKR Plumbing is in the process of becoming a HUB certified company. Keri, who is 50 percent owner along with another, who owns 25 percent, is Hispanic, is filing the necessary paperwork. 
    Being so new in the community, the company, as a whole, has not yet had the opportunity to participate in community activities, but co-owner Ken Oden is very involved and has been.  “This is a second career for Ken.  He is one of the smartest businessmen you’ll ever meet.  He knows everyone,” adds Kurt.
    “We are happy to be here, doing what we are doing.  I think we picked the right town.  We know it is going to be tough, but if we continue to surround ourselves with good people, we know we will be okay.”
    RKR focuses commercial plumbing, new construction, design build, retail remodeling, commercial office buildings and hotels.  -cmw

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