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image L-R: Bob Lefler, David Sefcik, Wendy Sefcik, Tiffany Groneck, and Allene Noack

AUSTIN - Having worked for a large contractor for many years, Dave Sefcik set out to make his own way in the trade he loves. In 1995, Sefcik did just that. He started his own company, Dave’s Heating and Air.





    The business quickly took off proving to Dave that he made the right decision.  After a while, Dave found himself needing help running the business and who better to call on, but your best friend and life partner.   Wendy, Dave’s wife, left the stability of an 18-year career with The Department of Public Safety behind her and has never looked back.
    When the company first started, they worked out of small building in the family’s backyard.  Wendy reflects about that time, “I run the office and we were working from the backyard and I said there really isn’t that much to do, but boy was I wrong.  I was doing it all by myself and Dave and another guy were taking care of all the service calls and working all the jobs.”
    The company started taking off and had acquired another warehouse space across the street with about five or six crews.     “About three years ago, we decided to down size,” adds Dave. “Currently we have two crews and two service guys and myself, plus Wendy and the two girls in the office.”
    There are obviously no regrets with the Sefciks.  The inseparable dual are always laughing, truly enjoying what they do, and are very proud of their employees.  “Our crews are very serious.  They’re all work and no play, but very family oriented.  They are like family to us because they have been with us for so many years.   When you find good people you have to keep them and make it worth their while to want to stay with you,” adds Wendy.  “We like to treat people the way we want to be treated.  It’s kind of our motto around here.”
    The company services Taylor, Round Rock, Pflugerville and Georgetown.  For about eight-and-a-half years, Dave’s Heating and Air was the contractor for the Pulte group in Sun City and decided to back out to slow down and continue to give the quality, personal touch to their customers that they have always been known for.
    In their spare time, when it does happen, the couple enjoy visiting their two daughters and their 3-year-old grandson whom they lovingly refer to as the apple of their eye, and going to their retreat home in Conroe.
    Their community involvement is all about animals.
     “Our passion is animals.  We love animals.  You’ll notice we have many, many cats around here.  People drop them off here because they know we love them.  We rescue cats and love to give to the local shelter.  I give to any animal shelter I can because I don’t want animals to suffer and neither does Dave.  We’ve had shop dogs, two that just recently passed away from old age.  Now we have a little rescue dog that just showed up here.  He was just running around the Chick-fil-A parking lot one day and I went in and inquired about him asking if he belonged to anyone and they said no.  Well, now he does,” says Wendy.
    Dave’s Heating and Air is air condition
-ing contractor specializing in light commercial and residential work and recipients of the Reader’s Choice Award for Williamson County. -cmw

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