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Taking his sites to a new size

image In its 25 years, Pesado Construction has grown to a steady crew of about 125 employees, and now the company continues to expand through job size.

AUSTIN - As Pesado Construction marks its milestone 25th anniversary, founder Bill Hunter notes that there have been a lot of challenges to get where the company is today. From the very beginning when he was 29 to today at 55, he has never stopped learning.

    Since he didn’t have family or a mentor in the business, he learned as he went, and it was quite a challenge for him getting started on his own with just his pickup truck. He didn’t have any equipment or financing, making the first several years a real struggle.
    With so many lessons he has learned along the way, the greatest lesson, he says, is that if he had faith, he would be blessed with what he needed at the proper time. His philosophy is that the harder he works, the luckier he gets, and that attitude has helped him not to worry as he did long ago. “You don’t add a single day to your life with worry,” says Hunter.
    Though, he points out, “It took a lot of long hours [to get here] and a long time to assemble a team. Once you get to the size we’re at, you can attract quality talent, but when you’re small and struggling, it’s hard to attract quality talent, and a lot of it is you have to instill the confidence in people to come join you. Then, you’ve got to treat them right, treat them as family and partners. My first employee is still with me. His name is Jesus Compean, and a lot of my employees have been here for 10 years or longer.”
    Having reached his goal for growth of his team, Hunter decided to focus on expanding the company’s scope about 10 years ago. He began by getting into building wastewater treatment plants and doing bigger jobs. Today, Pesado is doing a large distillery expansion in Austin and is about to start work on a large, $27 million sewer job in Kerr County. They also have a lot of work with local private developers as well as San Antonio Water System (SAWS).
    Based in San Antonio, Pesado Construction is a heavy civil general contractor that specializes in excavating, laying pipe and pouring concrete. –mh

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