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A clap for CapStar

image CapStar Electric service tech Ben Lucio illustrates the company’s 24-hour service available recently while getting ready to go on a call in the night.

AUSTIN – After spending his professional career in the electrical contracting business, CapStar Electric founder George Picken says the Austin-based company is focused on customer success and employee growth.

    “If our customers are successful, we are successful,” Picken says. “Our number one goal is to make sure we do what we need to do to make sure our customers are successful.”
    Doing the same for employees also matters.
    “We try to work hard and at the same time, take care of our employees and give them what they need to be successful.”
    Many of his 30 employees were with Picken at his former company, G&R Electrical Construction, which he started when he was 19. He says he started in the field with a man who is a mentor.
    “I went to work for Terry Maxwell and he is a really good guy,” he says. “He gave me the opportunity to do subcontracting work for him. He was a mentor, my first customer and my best and only customer for a long time.”
    Picken’s right hand man at CapStar is Robert Saldana and the company hires from within and looks for new employees who exhibit loyalty, a good work ethic and honesty.
    CapStar does new commercial construction, industrial, remodels and retrofits.
    The company has a Christmas party, as well as an event in the summer for its employees and their families.
    Picken is married to Amanda and the couple has two daughters, ages 9 and 5. They like to take vacations and fish, and the two girls love to ride the three horses that make up part of the family, who live in the country. Other family “members” include three miniature donkeys.
    “They are awesome animals,” Picken says.
    CapStar Electric is a commercial electrical contractor. –cw

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