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Industry FOLKS – Barbara Arnold Office Manager Spicewood Metalworks


AUSTIN – Barbara Arnold arrives to work at Spicewood Metalworks at 9am. On a typical day, she answers the phones, handles estimates and accounts receivables.

“In addition, I look over completed project photographs with customers,” Arnold said.  “I work with the customers to see what kind of project they are looking to do next.  I also go through website inquiries and I answer any questions from the customers.  I post on Craigslist on a daily basis too.
    “I have six different posts on Craigslist that I rotate such as regular welding services to land clearing and leveling.”
    Arnold says her favorite part of her job is being able to work with the customers on the projects they want completed.
    “I also really like watching the guys create railings, gates and stairs in the shop,” she said.  “They do plasma cuttings so they can make designs to go in gates.  Sometimes customers will draw exactly what they want.  From there, the design is scanned into the computer and transferred to a DXF file.  The DXF file can go on the plasma cutter and the guys can cut out anything someone draws.
    “I think it is fun to get out the material book with the customers and piece together the pieces to make ornate gates.”
    Arnold says she has lived in Briarcliff, TX with her husband since 2003.  They moved to the area from Dallas, TX.
    “I was born in Ft. Hood, TX,” she said.  “I grew up in Las Cruces, NM.  My sister lived in Dallas, so I moved there in 1993.  I met my husband a month after I moved to Dallas.
    “We fell in love with the Texas Hill Country and wanted to stay here for good.  We love to go boating.  Unfortunately we are on our third year now that we haven’t been able to put the boat in Lake Travis. 
    “I have a fun part time job when I am not working at Spicewood Metalworks.  I work at Poodie’s Roadhouse, a bar and grill.  I help out doing office work.  I really enjoy the live music, so I consider working there my hobby!  Poodie’s Roadhouse has live music seven days a week.  It is a great venue for local musicians to come out and showcase their talent.  It is awesome to be apart of it all.
    “My future plan is to stay right here in the Texas Hill Country.  I love my job at Spicewood Metals and my part time job at Poodie’s Roadhouse!”    –ab

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