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Industry FOLKS – Bill Robinson, Counter Salesman, Josco Plumbing Supply


AUSTIN, TX – “I work behind the counter and I help plumbing contractors find the parts and materials they need on a daily basis,” Bill Robinson said. “I have worked at the company for almost six months and I have been in the industry for 13 years.”

Robinson says before he became a counter salesman at Josco Plumbing Supply, he worked in the field as a residential plumber.
    “I am really enjoying being in the air conditioned store during the summer heat instead of being outside all day,” he said.  “I wanted to continue working in the industry, so I thought I would give the plumbing supply business a shot.
     “It is working out great!  When I was a plumber, I used to always stop by the store when I needed to buy material.  It is interesting to see this side and the other side of the industry.”
    Robinson says he was born and raised in Austin and he attended Lanier High School.
    “I played the defensive end position on the high school football team,” he said.  “Right after high school, I went into the U.S. Air Force for a little while.  Next, I worked at Texas Electric Co-op.  I rebuilt transformers that go on the telephone poles around town.
    “People around Texas would bring in their old transformers and I would repair those too.  I did that for about five years.  I actually became interested in plumbing through my neighbor.  He worked at a company that was hiring, so I decided to try it out and I liked it.”
    When Robinson isn’t behind the counter finding parts and materials, he says he still likes to play football and basketball for exercise.
    “I also go fishing on the weekends,” he said.  “I like to spend time outdoors.  I go fishing on Lake Austin.  I will really go anywhere where I can find a spot to cast a line.
    “Most of the folks here at the company are University of Texas fans.  I have only been to one football game so far.  I usually just watch the games on television.”
    Robinson says he plans to continue working in the plumbing supply business for years to come.
    “I am grateful to work with a great team at Josco Plumbing Supply,” he said.  “Everyone is friendly and has a good sense of humor.  I definitely look forward to coming to work in the mornings.”   –ab

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