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Industry FOLKS – Brent Barnett, Electrician, Lightning Electrical


AUSTIN, TX – Brent Barnett was a drummer in band for 16 years and still plays the drums on the side today.

“I played at clubs downtown and toured the country,” he said.  “I have settled down, so I am not in the band anymore.  I will marry my fiancé Samantha at The Oasis on Lake Travis in December.  We have been engaged since this February.  I proposed to Samantha at a local park where we first met.
     “Samantha and I like to go walking and running on the greenbelt. There is a pond and hiking trails near my home.   Sometimes we take my 5-month-old pitbull named Aries on a walk.
    “In addition, I like to go fishing on Lake Travis when I can.  Most of the time I catch catfish.”
    Growing up in Cedar Park, TX, Barnett attended Leander High School.  He played drums in the high school band. 
    “I played baseball too,” he said.  “I eventually focused on playing the drums.  We were a good band for most of my high school career.”
    According to Barnett, his very first job was working at Kentucky Fried Chicken in Cedar Park at age 15.  He says he took customer’s orders and made fried chicken in the kitchen.
    “After high school, I got a job in the telecommunications business,” Barnett said.  “My dad worked for Southwestern Bell for almost 30 years.  I did that for a couple of months and I found out it was just not what I wanted to do.
    “Next, I got hired on with a company that did telecommunications and electrical contracting work.  I realized I liked doing the electrical side more. I have worked at Lightning Electrical for about a year and a half and I have been an electrician for nine years.”
    Barnett says he does electrical work at commercial and residential projects in the city of Austin and surrounding areas.
    “I wake up and show up on the job about 7am,” he said.  “I run pipe, pull wires and help out with what ever phase of the project we are working on at the time.
    “I am also going to Austin Community College right now to get my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering.  One day, I hope to be working in the office instead of out in the heat!”  –ab

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