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Industry Folks - Tami Lee, SERVPRO

image Tami Lee, Sales and Marketing, SERVPRO of Hyde Park/ Central, Austin

AUSTIN - Tami Lee has found a home in Austin, but because she was an Air Force dependent, the journey here took her around the world.







    Lee was born in the Philippines, then moved to Oklahoma, Panama (she was there during Noriega’s time), Arizona, Florida, then finally Ohio, where her mother retired. After this, Lee moved back to Phoenix to finish high school and go to college.
    “I loved it,” she said, of her time in the military.
    Lee was a computer science major and employed as a web designer. However, the out-going, people-person Lee wasn’t cut out for life behind a computer screen. As Fate would have it, she was laid off as a web designer in 2009.
    After taking a year off to decompress and sort things out, Lee ventured to Austin to visit one of her sisters. She was smitten by the capitol city’s friendliness and fun atmosphere. That’s all it took for the world traveler to find a home.
    Lee discovered marketing when she answered an ad for a water restoration company. “At the time I didn’t know what it meant,” she said. “I thought it meant, ‘water purification.’”
    After working there for a couple of years, Lee moved over to SERVPRO of Hyde Park/Central Austin in 2017, and “I absolutely love it,” she said.
    Lee also “absolutely loves karaoke!” She is a regular at the Baker St. Pub for Thursday’s karaoke. “They play live music and sing backup for you,” she said, “and make you feel like a rock star.”
    When she’s not at the pub, Lee can often be found soaking up the sun on any of this area’s bodies of water. “Summertime is definitely my favorite season,” she said, “and I spend as much time in the water as possible.”
    With SERVPRO, Lee describes her job as “relationship management,” as she likes to visit at least 10 clients a day to make sure everything’s going well.
    Her very first day on the job saw her dealing with a water leak on the 18th floor of a high rise that filtered down seven floors. But damage also comes from fire and smoke, mold, sewer issues and more. 
    “We kind of do it all,” Lee said.
     From the jungles of Panama to the deserts of Arizona, to finally the barbecue, music and water of Austin, Lee is enjoying life, people and some good old karaoke. -dsz

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