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Industry Folks - Trey Swor, Joeris General Contractors

image Trey Swor, Business Development, Joeris General Contractors, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Growing up in Austin was a great place to be a kid. There were endless outdoor activities and things to do.







    Born and raised in Austin, Swor grew up playing baseball. He attended Round Rock High School and then went on to play baseball for Temple College and Lamar University. “College life was amazing, I was extremely blessed to play baseball in college. Between playing ball and attending classes, my days were pretty busy.”
    Playing a sport in college can be very challenging, but for Swor it must have been a piece of cake. He earned three degrees. He earned an Associates degree from Temple College before transferring to Lamar University to continue playing baseball. Not knowing exactly what he wanted to do, he earned A Bachelor of Arts in General Studies from Lamar University. He later went back to Lamar University and earned his Masters in Education Administration while teaching.
    Swor married his beautiful wife Amanda who he has known since high school. After college, according to Swor, he finally saw the light and they are now celebrating 10 years of marriage this month.
    Together, they are very busy with their two children, 7-year-old Caleb and daughter Avery who will be turning six this month. Like their father, they are both outdoor kids. Caleb plays baseball, takes a ninja warrior class for kids and is learning to play the piano. Little Avery loves gymnastics and softball.
    Even their 12-year-old lab, Dixie, is ever bit the outdoor dog. “Dixie loves nothing more than to swim and chase a tennis ball.”
     You might wonder how a man with three degrees, one in education came to work in the construction industry. The answer is simple, family influence.
    After college, Swor’s uncle who built residential and commercial products, encouraged Swor to become a superintendent. His first job in the construction industry was as a residential superintendent.
    Today, Swor works for Joeris General Contractors in Joeris’ Austin office where he is responsible for client development for central Texas. “The thing I like best about my job is the people I get to work with every day and the impact we have on the community we live in.”
    As you can imagine, growing up playing ball one is introduced to an array of influential people. For Swor, many of the coaches he had while playing baseball became inspirational mentors to him. “The many coaches I had, showed me endless encouragement and direction.”
    While baseball is a big part of who Swor is, he leaves playing baseball to his son and softball to his daughter, whom he enjoys watching and encouraging. His sports activities these days include hunting, fishing and playing golf.  And when time allows, he relishes spending as much time as he can at the lake and on the beach with his family. -cmw

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