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Industry Folks - Brad Hartman, Current Electric

image Brad Hartman, Asst. General Manager/Safety Coordinator, Current Electric, San Marcos, TX

AUSTIN - Brad Hartman’s parents moved around quite a bit because his father was in the oil field. Brad was actually born in San Marcos, but raised in west Texas. He had a good childhood growing up In Colorado City, TX. Then he and his family stepped out of Texas to New Mexico. Brad graduated high school in Hobbs, NM. With plans to go to college, Brad attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, ultimately; he also graduated from the Independent Electrical Contractors in Lubbock in 2003. It’s safe to say that Brad is an avid college football fan; he loves college football and baseball. His team is the Texas Tech Red Raiders.

    It’s also safe to say that Brad has been in involved in the electrical trade since the year 2000. It truly all started in Lubbock. As a matter of fact, Brad says April will be 19 years of working in the trade. Today, Brad and his family reside in San Marcos and he works with Current Electric as the assistant general manager and safety coordinator. He started with the company in May 2018 and has exceeded his own expectations. “As of right now under contract with just my portion of what I’ve estimated, I have $1.6 million under contract,” he shared.
    Brad appreciates the leadership through the various roles he plays at work and enjoys his team at Current Electric. Brad also thanks more than one mentor throughout his learning experiences in the industry, before he reached where he is today. “From 2012 to 2016 we lived in Midland, TX and I worked for a company that did electrical maintenance construction. Simon Barr was my general manager, he wasn’t an electrician, but he was a manager. I learned more from him just on running a company and running a division.”
    When Brad is off the clock he goes home to his lovely wife Terri, who is a kindergarten teacher in New Braunfels and their two young boys. Brad and Terri’s sweet love story unfolded in 2005 in Sweetwater, TX and none other than at a barbeque cook off. Now that’s Texas style because, in fact, Terri also graduated from Texas Tech. In July 2007, the two Red Raider alumni tied the knot. Today, they stay busy with their two boys, Braden, 10 and Aaron, 6. The Hartman household also has two family pet dogs, the eldest being their 13-year-old Chihuahua and then their 2-year-old Neapolitan Mastiff.
    Right now Brad and his wife support their boys’ involvement with sports, such as baseball, football and basketball. But no matter how booked their schedules are, Brad makes time for the grill because he loves to barbeque. They try to do five or six barbeque cook-offs a year. “That’s my side deal that we like to do. We have a camper and like to go park by the river for a couple days to relax and get away,” shared Brad. –lv

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