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Industry Folks - Monique Westley Smith, Commercial Flooring Facilitators, LLC

image Monique Westley Smith, Account Manager, Commercial Flooring Facilitators, LLC, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - She was born and raised in Kenner, LA, a city right outside of New Orleans. Her childhood was amazing with her two older siblings. Monique’s parents are both full time pastors, but they always made time for their kids. Monique was very active growing up. She was a cheerleader, gymnast, dancer and ran track.





    Her fondest memories with her siblings and parents were the car ride vacations they took. “We took summer vacations every summer. One of my favorite places to go was Canada to visit the Niagara Falls.”
    Faith is a huge part of her life. In fact, her true love story started at church. Her husband, Craig Smith, came to their church one Sunday with his cousin. “He saw me,” she said. “He kept coming to church every Sunday after that just to see me. Then when I was 13 he told my dad I am going to marry her.” Smith says her husband is her best friend.
    Still living in Louisiana, Monique was attending her third semester at the University of New Orleans. She recalls hurricanes coming through when growing up in that area, but had never seen anything as devastating as Hurricane Katrina. “My dad knew someone who was getting involved with the disaster recovery cleanup.” So, they got to work. “The devastation that swept the city was unlike anything I’d ever seen.” Monique worked from the beginning of the cleanup to the end of restoration. She was working for a bank right before Katrina. It was after the unfortunate events of Katrina and her time with the disaster recovery cleanup crew that she realized she wanted to become more involved in the construction industry. “Having the opportunity to be front and center from the cleanup to restoration was one of the greatest privileges of my life. It introduced me to a love and passion I did not know existed.”
    Then her husband was offered a job that he couldn’t pass up and that is the reason they moved to Austin. Monique and her husband have been happily married for six years and have three  beautiful boys – Ian-16, Colin-5 and Drew-3. “We needed change. Moving to Texas was the best thing that could have happened to our eldest son and to our family as a whole. He is the happiest he has ever been and more focused than I have ever seen him.”
    Monique is currently the account manager at Commercial Flooring Facilitators in Austin. She has the privilege of working and learning from owner/operator Denise Mellow. “I look forward to the many years and all of the projects we will complete together.”
    Today Monique is a mirror image of how supportive her parents were to her and her siblings. She spends most of her free time with her three children. You can catch her in the stands at her eldest son’s football games and track meets. She also enjoys going to the movies with her husband. However, Louisiana will always be home and she gets back to NOLA as often as she can. –lv

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