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Industry Folks - Sam Drew, Conquest Demolition Inc.

image Sam Drew, Fleet Manager, Conquest Demolition Inc., Buda, TX

AUSTIN - Sam Drew was born at a military base in sunny San Diego. But the warm weather and beautiful beaches wouldn’t be home for long. Typical of military families, Drew was raised on the complete opposite side of the continental US, in Bangor, ME, whose average first freeze of the season occurs in early October, with the last freeze in early May.




    Growing up in Maine was a blast for him. Snow days meant no school. Although something we rarely see in these parts of the world, who doesn’t love snow days? As you can imagine, when we are blessed with a blanket of Mother Nature’s white, fluffy precipitation, he has the upper hand on building snowmen, among other things.
    His family moved to Texas when he was 13 years old, so thankfully, he didn’t have to make a living in the snow.
    After graduating high school. Drew started working at a mechanic’s shop and has been turning wrenches ever since.
    He is currently engaged to his long-time love, Martha. Drew and Martha have been together 10 years. They have two children between the two of them, a son, Nathan and a daughter, Kacy and three grandchildren.
    A big lover of dogs, Drew has six. The smallest dog, a Yorkie named Annie, prides herself on being the boss, or so she thinks, over his labs, Baily, Spot, Piggy, Alvin and Costello. Isn’t that always the case?
     As fleet manager, he has the exciting task of keeping Conquest Demolition’s equipment running, as well as, keeping their trucks on the road. “Ever since I was a kid, I’ve enjoyed taking things apart to see how they work. That is how I became a mechanic.  It is very interesting seeing the technology grow from when we had points, condensers and carburetors to fuel injections and computer timing for spark plugs.”
    His love for taking things apart definitely falls right into place at Conquest. While he loves tinkering with equipment, he loves operating it too. “I enjoy doing demo work. There’s something about being on a machine and tearing down a structure or just making noise with a high ram.”  A high ram is the jackhammer on a backhoe or an excavator.
    He spends his free time with his grandkids doing things grandparents do. Ranging in age from 1 year to 6 years of age, it’s no wonder his free time is occupied with the apples of his eye, and “dang, do they keep us busy.”
    In addition to spending every moment he can with his little ones, he enjoys riding his Harley and going to the coast. And let’s not forget, he’s gotta watch Nascar! -cmw

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