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Industry Folks - Teresa (Terri) Parker, Commercial Flooring Systems

image Teresa (Terri) Parker, Comptroller, Commercial Flooring Systems, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Her honest choice of words describes who she is and how she got to where she is today. Teresa Parker was in a construction office as early as 18 years old.







    Indeed, she started at a time when women were “a little timid.” Parker shared,“ “I definitely had to prove myself, you know being a female.”
    Parker remembers when men asked her questions; they were hesitant until they knew she knew her stuff. “Then they would call and only ask for me,” she innocently laughed.
    After being in the construction world for almost 30 years now we must mention that she is also a true Texan, born in San Antonio and raised in the South Texas area on ranches. “Castroville is where most of my family is from.”
    She expresses the love for her family, having started a family early.
    Today she is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has six children altogether (three of her own) and seven grandchildren.
    Her and her husband share a love for music. They both come from musical families. Right now Parker is learning the violin and mandolin.
    Sometimes her days are spent with their grandchildren. “The grand kids are over quite a bit and they help me do my gardening.”
    Yes, Parker also enjoys gardening vegetables and plants. Having grown up on a ranch, she lived 50 miles from the nearest town. “So, unless we didn’t raise it or grow it, we didn’t have it. You learn how to grow different varieties of things whether it is vegetables or plants in South Texas weather.”
    After working at Commercial Flooring Systems for six years her co-workers have tasted her fruits and vegetables. Just last year she brought in zucchini, squash and tomatoes. She loves to share, she honestly expressed. –lv

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