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Industry Folks - Pablo Mancias, Longhorn Stucco Masonry Supply

image Pablo Mancias, Driver/Outside Sales, Longhorn Stucco Masonry Supply

AUSTIN - There is a reason Pablo Mancias didn’t dream of a career in the heating, ventilation and air condition-ing industry in his youth.







    “My dad was in the HVAC side of construction and I was able to go with him to jobs sometimes,” Mancias remembers. “I was a little skinny kid, so I was his gopher. He would always send me into the tight spots in the attics! I told my dad that my brother needed to lose weight because it wasn’t fair!”
    While they never worked in HVAC together, Mancias’ dad, who was also an entertainer, did pass on his love of music to his son. Mancias learned to play the guitar and even played a gig with his father. He considered pursuing a sound engineering career, but ditched it after meeting his lovely wife Jennifer and becoming a father. He landed a job as driver delivering medical equipment and soon worked his way up to being a manager. After a decade with the company, he worked two years for the City of Kyle and attained his commercial driver license before taking a driving job for Longhorn Stucco Masonry Supply.
    In addition to his driving duties, the 34-year-old recently began work-ing in outside sales for the company, which is a perfect fit for his outgoing personality. He says he especially enjoys the people he is now able to meet.
    “I am really just enjoying talking to people from different parts of the world and learning about their cultures,” he says.
    Even though he never had a career in HVAC or music, don’t feel sorry for Mancias – his knowledge of both comes in handy when he needs to turn up the heat!
    “I play my guitar and try to serenade my wife,” he says with a laugh. “I’m actually pretty good! About three years ago, I let loose and started singing instead of just playing the guitar. I like a lot of “old” country music – like George Strait, Patsy Cline, George Jones – which is what my dad used to like. ”
    Mancias’ free time is now spent nurturing the dreams of his own children: Nineteen-year-old college student Savannah, and his baseball-loving sons, sophomore Isaac (who earned a spot on the varsity baseball team as a freshman at his 6A school) and 7th grader Ezekiel.
    “I can’t want until that newspaper clipping comes out: “The Mancias Brothers Do A Double Hitter!” he says with pride.
    Longhorn Stucco Masonry Supply is based in Kyle. –mjm

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