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Industry Folks - Ramiro Rodriguez, Millard Drywall & Acoustical Construction Inc.

image Ramiro Rodriguez, Field Operations Manager, Millard Drywall & Acoustical Construction Inc., Austin, TX

AUSTIN - We are not born with our work ethic; it’s something we develop over time. Ramiro Rodriguez began building his work ethic at 12 years old. He was born in Salamanca, a city in the Mexican state of Guanajuato.






    There is where he attended high school. He would go to school and work seven days a week. “I was doing all kinds of stuff.” From the age of 12 to 15 he worked at a meat market. By the age of 15, he was managing every department.
    At that same age, he helped one
of his uncles open up a tortilleria [a shop that makes and sells tortillas]. He helped run it for two years.
    While Rodriguez was building his character, his dad, who grew up in a farm life, was also teaching him. “He taught me how to buy vegetables from the farms and sell them in the big cities.” As efficient as Rodriguez is, he got to a point where he purchased a warehouse to buy and distribute the vegetables to different parts of Mexico.
    After all his efforts in Mexico, Rodriguez had his reasons and decided to come to America. “I came to America when I was 19, it was in 1995.”
    In 1998, Rodriguez started as a helper to his cousin, a commercial metal framer in Houston. Two weeks in, he was able to lay his eyes on a set of blueprints. “All those lines, numbers and details made sense to me. I was hooked, within two weeks I went from a helper to a framer.”
    One year later he became a sub-contractor with his own crew. In 2003, he met Jim Millard, who gave him the opportunity and confidence to keep growing. He’s been with the company ever since. “I have a willingness to meet the challenges that our projects bring.”
    Today, he is a husband to Yasmin Galindo and they have four children: Ramiro Jr., Cesar, William and Paloma. Rodriguez enjoys family time, working in his yard and inviting friends over for a carne asada.
    His hard working days have shaped who he is today. Plus, his parents have always been his mentors. While they still live in Mexico, every six months they come to visit their family in Texas. They have a family reunion in Houston, “where my brother and sister live.” Rodriguez is not an only child; he has two sisters and two brothers.
    So, while we are not born with our work ethic, we do develop one. Es la verdad, meaning it’s true. –lv

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