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Industry Folks - Lori J. Drake, CBA, MORSCO

image Lori J. Drake, CBA, Credit Manager, MORSCO

AUSTIN - It’s rather hard picturing the personable Lori Drake to be the kind of person who will repossess your car if you don’t make the payments.






    But she will.
    “My nickname is ‘Sunshine’,” she said.
    Drake has been in the credit business since 1993, back in her native Seattle, WA, when she worked for several car dealerships in the credit department.
    “I’ve always loved credit,” she stated. “My daughter says I’m psychotic.”
    The mother of two daughters and grandmother of one grandchild (with another on the way) really is nice. She loves meeting people and working with them to help them make payments if they experience difficulty.
    “I really like dealing with people,” she said. “If they meet me, they pay.”
    But if Drake meets with resistance, well, the kid gloves come off.
    “I love making people pay or taking the money from them when they won’t,” she said. In the car repo business, this includes anything on or in the car.
    “We repo’ed a guy who delivered pizza and we got all his pizzas.”
    Drake moved on from repossessing cars to working for a credit agency in Seattle. Her boss told the woman who was interviewing her, “If she didn’t hire me, she was stupid.”
    In the construction supply business, sometimes the money due her company doesn’t get trickled down to them. Hence, the need for Drake’s job.
    “If everyone did what they are supposed to do, I wouldn’t have a job,” she said.
    Drake has been with the National Association of Credit Management since ’93. She’s now the Treasurer/President for the Texas Statewide Construction Credit Group.
    Education and training are an ongoing process, with quarterly training sessions in Texas, and week-long conferences in differing locations annually. This year it will be in Phoenix. Right now Drake is studying business law.
    When it comes to the differences between Seattle and Texas, Seattle is a lot cooler and has many more trees. But, in Texas, “you can see forever.”
    And when it comes to sports teams, Drake has not converted yet and will still root for the Seahawks over the Cowboys.
    When she’s not collecting money from a sub-contractor, Drake plays the violin with a band as well as in her church’s praise team. “I guess it’s called ‘fiddle’ in Texas,” she laughs.
    Make no mistake: Lori Drake is one very nice person. But should you ever owe her money, a word to the wise would be to guard your pizza, because she’s coming for it. -dsz

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