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Industry Folks - Stacy Justice, Titus Electrical Contracting LP

image Stacy Justice, Director of Service, Titus Electrical Contracting LP, Round Rock, TX

AUSTIN - What makes Stacy Justice excited to tackle each day? “What makes me tick is the idea of creating something, letting it stand on its own two feet, finding things that are there and making them better,” the director of Titus Electrical Contracting says. “Those are the things I like doing the most.”





    Growing up helping in the industry (his stepfather was involved in con-struction, and his father worked in the commercial flooring trade), Irving-born Justice saw early on how he could help improve upon something. After moving to Lexington, KY and working in computer technology and communications for law enforcement, he transferred to Central Texas with his girlfriend-now-wife Sara and began working as an electrical contractor’s office staff member. The experience made him nostalgic for his construction roots and when he had the opportunity to join Titus he jumped at it.

    “It was a chance to come into a company and really instill some things that I think matters,” Justice says. “The owner, Shelly Runyan, is a very kind and like-minded person and that has kind of rekindled some passions I’ve had over some years about trying to build a really good service company. That’s what I’m focused on right now.”
    Justice doesn’t just better things through his work. He spends his personal time making a difference in his personal life as well, whether it’s founding Austin’s only Dallas Cowboys fan club (now over 400 members strong), restoring a black 1973 Charger and a candy apple red 1966 Galaxy or volunteering with the Red Cross after Hurricane Harvey.

    “As far as hobbies go I like doing things on the weekends, but I am very work-devoted,” Justice says. “Titus has been around nearly 33 years and it’s been a staple here in Central Texas, specifically in the Austin area. I think people over time have kind of forgotten who Titus is or who they were. It’s reestablishing who they are back in this market. This is a really good project in front of me that, I think when we’re done with it it’s going to be something. That excites me the most.” –mjm

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