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Industry Folks - Cedric Williams, Texas Disposal Systems

image Cedric Williams, Commercial Sales Rep, Texas Disposal Systems, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Cedric Williams is the nicest ex-linebacker you’ll ever meet.








    Instead of striking fear in the hearts of running backs or tight ends, the former Aggie uses his people skills as a sales representative, first with Black & Decker and now with Texas Disposal Systems.
    “I’ll talk to anybody,” he said.
    The Fort Worth native has bluebonnet blue running through his veins. He was born on the old Carswell Air Force base. He fondly remembers watching the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels practice for air shows when he was in elementary school on base.
    Cedric was a two-sports standout in high school. He was even scouted by the Atlanta Braves. This naturally led him to make the great Deon Sanders his sports idol, claiming that to hit a home run in the World Series and to win a Super Bowl like Deon would be the ultimate accomplishment.
    College out of state? Forget it. Cedric started at Texas A&M and finished at North Texas State. Even though he graduated at NTS, “Once an Aggie, always an Aggie,” he said. It was in college where he played linebacker. He still maintains close ties with his Aggie classmates and friends.
    It was through a college contact that sent the Texan westward to San Diego to work for Black & Decker in sales.
    Cedric said that Black & Decker recruits a lot of athletes because of their discipline, drive, competiveness and knowing how to follow rules. This made him a perfect candidate for the company.
    When the firm moved him back to Texas, all was well. When they wanted Cedric to move back to California, well, that just wouldn’t do. In Texas he stayed and started with Texas Disposal Systems.
    Obviously, the Cowboys fan couldn’t defect to the Chargers.
     Cedric passed his athletic genes on to his 15-year-old daughter, who plays on her high school basketball team as well as runs track.
    Despite some lingering effects of causing mayhem on the gridiron, Cedric devoutly hits the gym for weight lifting and exercise. He doesn’t let anything slow him down and getting out into the field to work sales and customer rep is his joy. Staying in shape helps out when you’re on the go.
    The congenial Cedric doesn’t plan to leave the Lone Star State. Business is booming in the Austin area. Life is good. Instead of tackling halfbacks,
Cedric gladly tackles the adventures of a new day and meeting new people.
    And it doesn’t hurt nearly as much.  -dsz

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