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Industry Folks - Steven Whiting, Tecta America Austin

image Steven Whiting, Safety Director, Tecta America Austin, Pflugerville, TX

AUSTIN - He doesn’t carry handcuffs or a baton, although, some may have thought he did. “It was a good feeling when they finally realized I was there to help them, instead of being a police officer. I was a safety police officer, says safety director Steven Whiting for Tecta America Austin. He joined the company in May 2017.




    Born in Flagstaff, AZ, he served 20 years in the army as a human resources manager. He retired out of Fort Hood in 2014. Whiting received a degree in business management from the University of Phoenix. While living in Arizona he worked as a roofer because it was flexible with his college hours. “I’ve always enjoyed building things and creating things, so I got into roofing.” Shortly after graduation, he was offered the position in Texas as safety director.
    Living in Pflugerville, Whiting has an 18-year-old daughter. He spends his free time hiking or running. “If I get the chance I’ll go down to Lady Bird Lake. I haven’t really found a place to hike here like I did in Arizona.” No doubt he’ll find good hiking grounds in Texas.
    Since high school Steven has been playing sand volleyball. He says he participates in social tournaments, never anything professional.  Oh, and he can race too. The hot wheels he races are RC cars. He started racing RC cars seven years ago. “I enjoyed playing with the cars growing up and found a hobby.”
    Whiting continues to grow in his role at work. He enjoys what he does and has met great people along the way. His job has him in three places the majority of the time. “I like that it’s diverse and the fact that I’m not in the office and not on the field all the time. I spend 30 percent on the field, 30 percent in the office, and 30 percent in the truck is what I tell everybody.” Since becoming a safety officer he loves it and looks forward to learning more in this great profession.
    On a personal and professional note he would like to pursue the Spanish language. He knows it is a huge benefit in the construction industry. Sí, se puede! -lv

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