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Industry Folks - Anthony L. Bent Jr., Pacific Shore Stones

image Anthony L. Bent Jr., Driver, Pacific Shore Stones, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Oh, the good ‘ol open road, where there are scenic views, different adventures, and a different place every day. All in a hard days work. That’s right, work.







    Anthony L. Bent Jr. is a driver for Pacific Shore Stones in Austin. He spent two years of college playing basketball in Shawnee, OK attending St. Gregory’s with a scholarship. This humble employee came to Texas from Detroit Michigan in 2003.
    Bent says now he also DJ’s on the side. “I DJ parties, weddings, pool parties and things like that. I’ll play whatever anyone wants – western, Spanish, R&B. I do it all.”
    When Bent is home he plans date nights with his wife Geanine. They have three children, two boys and one girl. “Me and my wife spend a lot of time together; we are inseparable. We go to the movies and dinner. Now that all our children are grown and out of the house we spend more time together. A lot of date nights,” says Bent. The only ones who stay at home now are their two dogs. “Roxie and we just got another one.” Bent couldn’t recall the name to their newest edition, so we laughed.
    Bent keeps close with his associates at work too. They’ll get together for parties or birthdays and meet at each other’s house. “We all work together and get along together and that’s another good thing about the job. We have a good time and enjoy each other’s families.”
    Then when it’s time to get behind the wheel Bent enjoys his job. “I’m in and out the warehouse. I’m more out than in, but I like driving and enjoy it.” We all start somewhere. Bent actually started in the warehouse for six months before becoming a driver. “Before Pacific Shore Stones, I hadn’t even seen a granite truck. I said how do you move all this stuff? I had never seen granite before manufactured or stored. It was interesting.”
    The rest is history, 10 years to be exact. This past July the company celebrated Bent’s 10-year anniversary. The crew enjoyed one of Bent’s favorites, Rudy’s BBQ. Being that he was from Michigan, Bent had yet to attend a UT game. That changed when the owner, Vinny Tavares, surprised him that day with tickets to go see them Longhorns. “I thought that was pretty special.” Yes, pretty special indeed.
    How was the game? “It was really exciting seeing how Austin reacts to their team. They really support their team,” says Bent. –lv

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