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Industry Folks - Hugo Zarate, Ford AV

image Hugo Zarate, Project Engineer, Ford AV, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Never an ordinary day for a project engineer, but they wouldn’t have it any other way. Hugo Zárate, a project engineer who works for an AV integrator company in Austin says, “When the opportunity opened up I was more than willing to do it. “





    Zárate was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and came to Laredo, TX when he was 6 years old with his family. He is proud of his heritage and as you’d guess is very fluent in Spanish.
    During his years in college at the University of Texas in San Antonio he received his bachelors degree in electrical engineering with a concentration in systems and controls.
    There was no stop and go traffic with this engineer’s route. He began working in March 2015. “As a project engineer I’ve learned the value of different traits working together, especially when it comes to construction,” he says. 
    Before his current position, he worked at IBC Bank where he met his wife Gloria. The newlyweds were married this past August. With no children crawling into bed with them, they care for their miniature schnauzer named Jake. Zárate says they love to spend time traveling and watching fútbol. Vamos Chivas!
    His recreational hobbies are playing soccer and football. He also enjoys programming. Zárate adds, “I like to program my own micro controllers in my spare time. I’m always fidgeting with something. I’m always trying to make something work with something else. It comes naturally to me.”
    Then when it’s back to work Hugo says what he enjoys about his job are the challenges within the challenges. “As an AV integrator we are always part of new construction in some way or another.” His role has taken him to various jobs all over the world including, Hungary, Budapest, Singapore, Mexico City and various jobs in the US.
    Project engineers skip the repeat button and go straight to the next one. Zárate mentions not doing the same thing every day, “One day I’m configuring a mixer, the next day I am programming a control process for a concert and the next day I can be in a church configuring the sound system for the church.”
    The dedication and passion he has for his line of work wouldn’t be anything without his mentors. The company he works for provides a mentoring program to make sure everybody is on track. Zárate looks to the other engineers and his boss for guidance.
    Looks like this project engineer has his hands full. -lv

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