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Industry Folks - Nash Welling, Tradesmen International

image Nash Welling, General Manager, Tradesmen International

AUSTIN - When Nash Welling is looking for peace, he goes to the water. When he’s looking for purpose, he goes to work.







    As the general manager for Tradesmen International, a construction industry staffing service, Welling says, ”There is no greater feeling to me than putting people to work. The only thing that comes close is watching some of our clients grow their business and the implication that has on their bottom line and their families.”
    He does enjoy his free time though
by pursuing a variety of interests. “I find my peace on the water. I love to fish, surf, sail and scuba dive,” Welling says.
    He also wants to have a welding shop one day, and he’s about to begin a glassblowing apprenticeship and, a year ago, he married Kaitlin.
    “She is the most brilliant and beautiful soul I’ve ever encountered,” he says.
    Welling was born in Portland, Maine but moved with his family to Austin when he was 10. He attended Murchison Middle School, Anderson High School and the University of Texas.
    He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and Government in 2010, but at the time, the economy was in a slump, so many of his college peers enrolled in law schools or graduate schools as they waited for things to change.
    He says, “I was on the cusp of going to law school, but I had some friends from high school who were into metal working.” He followed their lead, as he was more interested in earning income than accruing debt.
    “It was kind of serendipitous, getting a high paying gig that introduced me to trades. I fell in love with building things and became a welder, a millwright and an ironworker in the next several years,” he says.
    In 2015, he started with Tradesmen International as a sales representative and this past April he was named general manager of the Austin office where he oversees all sales and recruitment activity. It’s a challenging position that has become his primary focus, he says.
    He and Kaitlin continue to squeeze in fishing trips when they can. “My goal is to get a boat, maybe next year,” he says.
    He wants to get that welding shop going next year, too. “I’d like to get a welder, do some sculpting and stay sharp on my skills. I enjoying making smokers,” he says.
    “Yes, I have a lot of interests,” he admits adding, “I’m all over the place. I wish there were more hours in a day.” - ke

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