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Industry Folks - Ryan Reyes, Moore Supply Co.

image Ryan Reyes,,Counter Sales, Moore Supply Co.

AUSTIN - Born in Austin and raised in Arlington, TX, Ryan Reyes is a BIG Cowboys fan. He attended Dallas Baptist University with a major in music business. He currently does not have a degree, but is planning on finishing and getting his degree in business or finance within the next year.




    “I have been married to my beautiful wife, Sara for almost 6 years. She is a full-time mother and teacher at the local pre-school where we send our kids. Before that she stayed at home with the them.  Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.  I think I definitely got the easier assignment.”
    Reyes has three incredible children, 5-year-old Aria, 3-year-old Allison, and 2-year-old Elijah.  “They are my heart and soul! It’s funny our kids are so different.  Aria is all girl and dreams of being a “singer princess.” Elijah is all-boy.  I think he is biologically required to be covered in dirt and mud at all times. And, Alli is right in the middle, she is just as happy playing dress-up as she is rolling in the dirt with her brother.  She doesn’t care what she’s doing, just as long as we’re doing it HER WAY!”
    He has one cat, which was a rescue from the local PAWS shelter in Kyle. My kids wanted to name him Maui, from the movie Moana, but my wife and I felt that it needed to be more “puny;” so we named him Meowi.
    Reyes handles most of the inside sales, admin, and some of the operations duties for Moore Supply Co. at his branch.  “I’m the kind of person that loves to be challenged. Before I got into the plumbing industry, I had no idea how expansive and technical it really is. This really is an industry where I can truly say I learn something new every day. To me, that is incredibly exciting! It’s what motivates me to get up in the morning.
    When not working, Reyes loves to work with his hands and says it’s very satisfying to build or restore something. He loves to work on and upkeep his cars, he loves to cook, and is currently rebuilding his fence that was destroyed in the recent storms. “I get home, break out the power tools, and I am in Heaven.”
     Reyes and his family are very outdoorsy and enjoy this beautiful world. He loves to hunt and the opportunity to put good natural free-range food on the table. “I am anxiously waiting until my daughter is old enough so I can take her with me. There is so much to be learned from spending time outside, being one with nature and actually having to work to put food on the table. I really want to share that with my kids. We love to travel as a family, and we have a list of 20 places we want to visit before my kids graduate. I want to let my kids experience this beautiful country and what it has to offer.” -cmw

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