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Industry Folks - Grady Atnip, Bartlett Cocke General Contractors

image Grady Atnip, Senior Superintendent

AUSTIN - Grady Atnip was born in San Antonio, TX at the Robert B. Green Hospital, which is no longer in existence. He attended college for two years before going to a carpenters’ apprenticeship school and was with the carpenters’ union until he became a supervisor. Following a family tradition of builders, he began building custom homes and then apartments and then on to commercial projects, Atnip got started in the construction industry when he was just 14. Back then, Grady says, they didn’t have age requirements and restrictions.

    “I’ve been married for 33 years to my best friend, Dawn.  We go everywhere together.  We have two sons, Travis and Jason, both of whom work for Bartlett Cocke in different offices.  They are both APM’s working on school jobs.  Dawn and I are very proud of them as they are making their own path in a great industry.”
    Atnip is very fond of his two dogs.  Sophie is an 8 year old Blond English Lab that he and his wife traveled to Missouri to get, and Bella.  Bella is a Coton De Tulear.  The breed, if you are not familiar with it, is from Madagascar and not very common in the US.  “We got Bella because her breed doesn’t shed and is
hypo-allergenic, something Dawn and I both needed.”
    Every chance he gets, Atnip and his wife travel.  They travel to a lot of various places.  He gives credit to his wife who saves up a little every month for their next venture, and when they get enough, “we head out for a little vacation somewhere.”
    In addition to traveling, he is very active in sporting clays.  “I shoot a lot of registered targets but actually I love to shoot charity tournaments.  Any Christian based tournament, or a Wounded Warrior event I will try to make.  Sometimes a worthy charity event will bring me out to sponsor a station.  It is something that I really enjoy and it doesn’t put the strain on my back like golf was doing.  The heat has stopped me this summer, but I will be back as soon as we get a little break from the extreme temperatures.”
    The satisfaction of seeing that final product and the smile that it brings to that customer is what Atnip says he likes best about his job.  He enjoys watching the subs work together and getting the project completed as each of them add their scope to the project. In addition, he also likes watching the next generation of builders, and seeing what they bring to the project. “This next upcoming generation is so smart and have such amazing technical skills, they amaze me. All they need is some experience and they will truly build the future; smarter, and not harder!”
    Having recently started a $104 million High School for HISD in which the site had been vacant for over 20 years, Atnip was astonished on how many snakes they have killed on the site.  “When we started clearing we found a LOT of rattlers. I mean BIG rattlers!  If a rattler is less than 2’, we don’t add it to the total count, so currently we are up to 19 snakes ranging from 3’ to 6’. They are as big as a person’s upper arm!  The site was also an old hunting ranch so there are a LOT of Quail on the site and I love watching them.”
    Atnip worked for Marek Brothers for several years and really enjoyed working for them.  After working for a couple of other companies, he came to work for Bartlett Cocke 17 years ago and believes it was the best move he ever made. “Coming to work for Bartlett Cocke actually changed my life for the better.  It has allowed me to work with some of the best teachers in the construction industry.  I have been blessed with some incredible and patient teachers.” -cmw

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