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Industry Folks - Stan Rothman, BlueLine Rental

image Stan Rothman, Outside Sales Representative, BlueLine Rental, Buda

AUSTIN - Born in El Paso, TX, Stan Rothman moved to Houston when he was 12 years old. The youngest of four children, Stan fought to keep up with his two older brothers, Lewis and Pat as well as his older sister, Mitzi.






    “Growing up in El Paso was great. I still remember playing football with my brothers in what, most times, was little more than dirt and stickers. Other times, we would venture into the sand dunes to ride our bikes down them, or use an old piece of cardboard like a sleigh to slide to the bottom.”
    Rothman moved to Houston when his father chose a new career path and soon opened the family’s printing business. They settled in the tight community of Alief, just on the Southwest outskirts of the “Big City.”
    “Alief was such a great place to grow up in at the time. Everyone knew everyone. Our parents knew most of the other kids and their parents and never had to worry where we were. It was a safe and close community. To this day, most of us still stay in touch in some form or fashion.”
    Rothman is the proud father of two beautiful girls, Lauren and Staci. “Lauren, my oldest, is an Events Coordinator in the Nashville area while Staci is working full-time for a law firm in Katy while finishing her last year at The University of Houston and is set to graduate in May, 2018.
    There are many sides to this Outside Sales Representative of BlueLine Rental, including having performed stand up comedy.  Anyone familiar with Stan knows he is always trying to make people laugh and always has a joke to share with anyone within earshot!  “ I’d love to do some more stand up. There’s nothing more rewarding than to know you were able to bring joy and laughter into someone’s life and make them forget the problems of this crazy world, even if it’s just for a short while.   
    “I love to write.  Some of my closest friends are in the entertainment business.  My good buddy Brian Black and I are always talking about sitting down and writing some songs together.  I’m always jotting down thoughts to put into songs.  I have a couple of songs I’m working on now.  They’re almost done, but missing that little something that will make it special.”
    Rothman has been with BlueLine Rental, Buda Branch, since September of 2016 and covers the south Austin to north New Braunfels areas.  “I love what I do.  I love helping contractors finding solutions to their equipment needs and just meeting all the wonderful folks and building those long-lasting relationships.” -cmw

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