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Industry Folks - Neville Spicer, Big City Access

image Neville Spicer, Sales Representative, Big City Access

AUSTIN - Born in Coventry, England, Neville Spicer lived in Coventry until the age of 29. “I’ve just overlapped the amount of time that I lived in England. I am now 63.






   “I claim three sisters.  One of them is actually my aunt.  She is my dad’s sister and she’s so close to me in age, we grew up like brother and sister.  My middle sister who is 60 years old is getting married for the first time this month so I’ll be going over for the ceremony.”
    Neville came to the United States by chance if you will.  “I chased one girl and married her best friend.  My wife is as much Texan as I am English.”
    Still married to the girl he chased, Diane and Neville have been married over 30 years.  Together they have a 29 year-old daughter, Morgan, who is a graphic designer.  With no grandchildren to-date, Neville is excited about his new family addition, an 18-month-old chocolate lab/pit-bull named Rookie, which is still very much a pup.
    “We have some property, so when I’m not working, that always creates some work for me, but I love to play golf.  I’m middle of the pack, not quite a bogie golfer, but I’m very close.  I’m honest about it too.”
    Spicer has been in the scaffolding business most his adult life.  He was a scaffold builder before he was a salesman.  He did the scaffolding on the tower bridge of London.  “It was a very interesting project, scaffolding the two towers.”
    He credits long-time friend and former supervisor Reggie Nisbett for introducing him to the world of sales.  “He wrote me a very flowery letter, that I kept, when he introduced me to the world of sales, bragging on the opportunity and righteousness of pushing a company forward.
     “I became the subject of a student’s final paper at the University of Texas.  His major was film.  He was working on all aspects of making movies.  He did a short video of me called “TEA.”  If you Google my name and the word tea, it should pop right up.  It was just a three-minute video of me and my experiences drinking tea.”
     Spicer enjoys the freedom and the trust Big City Access puts in him to drive around and look for opportunities and the trust to make good decisions for the company.  “I like people.  I’m a social person.  Confidence is such a marvelous thing when you are meeting people.” -cm

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