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Focus - Labor staffing needs

image Allie Fowler, Sales Manager, Staff Zone, Austin, TX

AUSTIN - Fowler began working as a sales manager for Staff Zone in the Dallas market in 2016. Through her success in Dallas, she was given the opportunity to relocate to Austin at the end of 2017 and continues labor sales for the Austin branch.





    Fowler and her fiancé purchased a home in Round Rock, feeling that the Austin market would be stable on a long-term basis. The move was somewhat bittersweet as Fowler had built some great customer relationships within Dallas/Fort Worth market.    
    She has working in Austin for almost two years now, and absolutely loves it! “I have met some great people and helped solidify this market for Staff Zone. To say the least, I stay pretty busy with work.”

How would you describe the state of the construction industry in general terms?  Have you experienced an increase in business? Slowdown?
    I have definitely experienced an increase in business in the Austin market. This market has been consumed with a heavy amount of construction and in general terms I would say it is one of the top lucrative markets right now.

What factors are driving this increase/slowdown?

    The main factors for this increase are that people and businesses want to extend themselves out here, and Texas itself is one of the top markets for businesses right now, with Austin being on the radar for fastest growth.

How has this increase/slowdown affected your company and how you conduct business?
    This increase has affected our company in many ways. Considering the fact that construction has sky rocketed, the number of workers we send out per day has increased exponentially. Therefore, this helps our customers stay at good pace with their projects. It has affected how we conduct business because we have had to hire more staff in all of our departments to keep up with the growth. We have also gone from 25 branches to 34 total nationwide, with a new corporate office under construction.

What are the “hot button” issues in the staffing industry?
    The hot button issues are unexpected weather and permit delays ultimately hindering the construction schedule for many.

What are major changes in the staffing industry in recent years?
    Being in the construction staffing industry, the major change that I have noticed is there are way more competitors readily available and popping up these days.

What is the most significant challenge your industry faces? Labor shortages? Cost increases?
    The most significant challenge that we have faced is recruitment. However, we have had to think outside of the box to find more resources to gain adequate manpower.

What are the cost increases relating to your industry? How are you dealing with these challenges?
    Due to the labor shortages, we have had to increase our starting labor wages which allows us to recruit and keep our current staff.
    We deal with these challenges by brainstorming as a team, increasing our employee morale by holding quarterly safety parties, as well as attending recruitment events and meetings.
What is on the horizon for your industry? Changes in technology; changes in codes, ordinances or laws; other
    With the lucrative industry and high demand for labor, we expect our business to continue to increase. This in hand follows enhancements with technology and how orders and tickets will be processed.

What are the rewards of the staffing industry?
    The most rewarding parts of this industry is gaining the satisfaction of helping others, seeing the city grow and building long-lasting relationships with my clients.

What are keys to being successful in the staffing industry?
    The keys to being successful in the construction staffing industry is straight up communication not only with my fellow co-workers, but with all of my customers. With communication comes working effectively, planning routes, and getting face-to-face with people in the field on a daily basis.
     Staff Zone specializes in the labor needs of the construction, light industrial and special events industries. -cmw

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