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Four stories, zero lot line

image Life Storage, a four-story climate control storage facility.

AUSTIN - Specializing in ground up, tenant improvement new and remodel construction projects primarily consisting of retail, restaurant, medical, child development, office, self-storage, automotive, etc., Engen Contracting Inc. (“ECI”) was founded in 1997 by Chris & Geoff Engen.




    At ECI’s inception, the Engen brothers had a vision to serve the local community as a trusted, faith-driven and dependable Central Texas company. ECI takes pride in providing detailed communication and transparency towards developing and maintaining its relationships.  ECI routinely provides budgeting, orchestrates consultants during both the design & construction phases, and customizes the management of all faucets of construction ranging from pre-construction up through the closeout of projects.
    As a rule, ECI mainly provides construction services in the private sector market. Constructing the new Life Storage facility in Round Rock, designed by RKAA Architects Inc. for the Barclay Group fell right in line with the firm’s targeted clientele.
     This 80,000sf, four-story concrete tilt wall project took 300 days to complete.
    The construction team had to cast, stack and erect 60’ tall concrete panels contending with a zero-lot line site.  At ECI’s request, the foundation was re-engineered to adequately support the weight of the panels (some stacked 3 high) and the crane. Due to the limited space outside the building’s footprint, the temporary panel braces could only be installed to the inside of the structure. Once in place, these braces impacted approximately 25 percent of the floor space and required partial joist/deck and structural steel installations until after the fourth-floor assembly was erected and loaded.  A great deal of pre-planning and coordination was required during the erection phase of this project. In order to maintain continuity, the panels were strategically positioned and cast to make best use of the limited floor space relative to placement of stair/elevator towers and steel erection.
    Due to having the structural engineer of record based out of Phoenix, ECI engaged the services of a local third-party structural engineer to work together to create a best ‘means and methods’ plan to maintain the critical path of the schedule. During erection and brace removal, this local engineer was instrumental in ECI’s ability to move the ‘chess pieces’ around while maintaining the structural integrity to clear the path for the next activities.
    Another component ECI found unique on this project was 99 percent of their coordination taking place directly with the developer, Barclay and not Life Storage.  ECI has had a long-standing Owner/Contractor relationship with Life Storage dating back to the late ’90s but in this case they took on the “operator,” only role.
    Based in the Austin/Round Rock area, Sr. Project Manager Michael Engen coordinated the details of this project through a couple of his hand-picked Superintendents while maintaining open lines of communication with the entire Arizona- based development group and their associated consultants.  ECI’s team enthusiastically conducted weekly meetings to review project details, schedule, challenges, RFI’s, etc. This frequency of communication was paramount in keeping the project moving on track and that greatly contributed to the success of this project. 
    During some of the more critical phases of the project, it helped that Barclay had a high-level of construction knowledge/experience and was able to apply that asset to making accurate and timely decisions. This project was completed to the satisfaction of both the owner and operator alike, paving the way towards the development of a newly established relationship while enriching that of an existing one.         
    Engen Contracting Inc. is a full-service general contractor in Austin, TX. -cmw

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