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Municipal needs met

image Aerial view of the Williamson County North Campus

AUSTIN - Specializing in healthcare, higher education, parking, research and civic projects over the past 30 years has earned J.T. Vaughn Construction LLC a long and trusted reputation in the construction industry. It is this reputation and trusts that fit perfectly for the construction of the Williamson County North Campus Facilities project.



    In response to rapid population growth, six new municipal buildings were added on an existing Williamson County site, totaling 70,000sf. The largest building is the 39,000sf EMS Training Facility. Other buildings house vehicle maintenance, wireless communications services, and associated county functions. Renovation work was done to modify an existing vehicle maintenance building to shield work bays from the south summer sun.
    The buildings are steel framed with metal stud walls, except for the vehicle work bays, which are pre-engineered metal buildings. Exterior claddings are exterior grade CMU block veneer, combined with a limited amount of pre-finished metal siding in keeping with the local design codes’ preference for masonry. The EMS Training Facility, being the only two-story building on the campus, has a band of integral-color stucco around the second floor.  All of the roofing is 80mil PVC.
    The EMS Training Facility interior features “wet rooms” for realistic simulations of challenging rescue operations. The walls and floors of these rooms are finished in industrial-grade high-performance epoxy coatings for easy cleanup.
    This project was not without its challenges. The major challenge this project faced was rock excavation for the foundations. The appropriate number and location of geotechnical borings were taken, but those locations just happened to miss rock in every single instance. The construction team encountered delays for this unexpected occurrence, but through creative scheduling, was able to make up the time. A related source of delay during this phase of the project was the discovery of a cave, which brought all work to a standstill until the caves could be studied and cleared by a geologist.
    The demanding program of this project rendered in a cost-effective, yet resilient pallet of materials. All six buildings were to be constructed at the same time. Making sure all the building had the correct material and manpower to complete them on time made this a most unique process for the team.
    All challenges were met with a complete spirit of cooperation. Doug Boram, project manager, and Stuart Baker, superintendent, gladly worked together with the Williamson County and BLGY, the project’s architect.
    J.T. Vaughn Construction LLC is a family-owned general contracting and construction management firm with nine offices throughout Texas. –cmw

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