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The smallest hospital in Texas

image Lake Travis ER located at 5102 620 North

AUSTIN - With today’s trend of offering immediate emergency care through the availability of urgent care centers to reduce the over crowding in hospital emergency rooms, it is necessary to find the right location and the right builder.





    Founded in 1998 by Barry Wurzel with the goal of providing quality construction services in Central Texas, Wurzel Builders Ltd. has grown to become one of the most trusted builders throughout Texas and the southwest and have established a reputation for quality construction and reliability among their clients, developers, and subcontractors.  It’s no wonder Wurzel Builders was selected to construct the Lake Travis ER project.
    The new construction of the 10,000sf plus facility took 8 months to complete and cost $3.3 million.  It is constructed of structural steel framing, standing seam roof, stucco, decorative block, aluminum panels and glass.
    “This is the first prototype of many more mini-hospitals offering full medical service and overnight stays,” adds Wurzel Builders Superintendent Rick Jowers. “I believe it is the smallest hospital in Texas.” 
    The facility is a 24-hr emergency room hospital complete with a fully operational trauma center, isolation area for infectious disease control with its own air conditioning, exhaust system and water system. The facility has five patient rooms and four regular rooms, a CT scan, x-ray, lab and pharmacy on site. The x-ray rooms are lined with lead to protect from radiation exposure. The project is also capable of being completely self sufficient in case of disaster in which power and water were lost.  It has 500 gallons of canned water in the event the water goes off and has its own generator power.
    The onset of construction was unique in itself as the site had to be carved out of large rocks. Fourteen feet  on the backside of the building site had to be carved out. The backside of the building is 4ft below ground,” says Jowers.
    The most challenging aspect of the job was working with the Austin’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ). “Because of Austin’s ETJ, the hardest part was keeping the mud off the roads.  The area where we were at in the ETJ, is in water district 17 of Lake Travis.  Protecting the Austin water shed is important.  You don’t want the silt from the mud getting into the aquifer and the creeks and rivers.”
    With the City of Lake Travis not being big enough to having it’s own inspector and it’s not quite far enough in town to be considered in town, there was no city inspection. Third party inspectors had to be hired to do the inspections for electrical and plumbing.
    B2 Excavating, Cedar Park Electric Contractors, America Roof Solutions and Flooring Warehouse played a vital role in the successful completion of this project.
    Wurzel Builders is an Austin-based commercial builder with offices in San Antonio and Dallas. -cmw

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