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Innovative construction

image Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) Medical Center, Cedar Park

AUSTIN - The Cedar Park area is rapidly growing. CP Discovery Partners Ltd., and its relationship with Primus, a partnership formed with Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) and Kemp Partners, met those needs with the construction and opening of the newest ARC location in Cedar Park.




  “The project was built on a parcel that housed three existing buildings, and the piece of property had to be carved out and subdivided,” says Mike Nazar, founder and president of Austin Canyon Corporation.  As all projects do, this one came with a unique set of challenges, some from the very start.
    “Due to the slope of the property, we had to raise the site to make the drainage work.  The solution involved combing the existing detention and filtration systems with the new.   The site had to be built up so as to allow for enough of a slope for the combined systems to drain properly.”
    Architectural firm, Office of Architecture in Wimberley, designed the 20,287sf two-story clinic. The project includes
52 exam rooms; two procedure rooms,
doctors’ and nurses’ work stations, a lab, offices and physicians’ lounges.  The new facility will incorporate an electronic medical
recording system. 
    The architect utilized a product manufactured by San Marcos-based Bautex
Systems LLC, known for its innovative wall system designed to construct energy efficiency and a healthier, safer and more comfortable working environment in its design.
    Bautex is an insulated concrete form (ICF) which increases the efficiency of R Value of the building significantly and lowers the electric and utility costs.  The proprietary Bautex Block is manufactured from a mix of expanded foam plastic, cement and recycled materials. The lightweight blocks, while larger than traditional concrete masonry units, are strong enough to create wall systems for multi-story buildings, yet weigh next to nothing. When filled with concrete, they offer unsurpassed energy efficiency, durability, fire resistance and noise mitigation.
    “This was a pilot project.  You kind of stack the blocks up like Legos and fill them with concrete like a rib cage of concrete.  We all took the risk on saying it’s worth a try especially because it is a two-story building.”
    In addition to the Bautex system, the project is comprised of a structural steel frame, masonry veneer, aluminum store fronts and curtain wall systems, a TPO and insulated roof deck system, roof-top units for the air conditioning system and special exterior coating to go with the Bautex called Stuccomax, a plaster that is proprietary to the Bautex wall system.
    “It has to live on the Bautex system. So we had an outside coating called Stuccomax and some of the interior walls were finished with Plastermax, which is like a rougher form of a Venetian plaster.”
    The millwork also stands out as an extraordinary feature of the clinic.  “It has some really nice elements of wood ceilings and architectural elements inside.  It’s a very handsome building.”
    Austin Spatial Technologies, Matoka, Champion Site Prep, JM Utilities, Oldcastle Materials, Wheeler Coatings, Perfection Landscaping, Choate USA, GK Hall, Whitetail Construction, Construction Metal Products, JC Millwork, Walltech, Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems, Unity Commercial Solutions, Hinkle Insulation & Drywall Co., Hull Supply Co., AD Systems, Floyd’s Glass Company, Steve Hampton Plastering, Grafton Reid, GQ Tile Co., Rockford Business Interiors, Action Decorating, Spectrum Resource, Advantage Blinds, Custom Sign Creations, Hufcor, Thyssen Krupp Elevator Corporation, Air Communications Co.,  Casteel Automatic Fire Protection, Kenny’s Commercial, SI Mechanical, Tiger 2 Electrical Contractors, Tyco Integrated Security, Firetron, and Black Box Network Services  were the subcontractors on the project.
    Project managers Dustin Akin and Chris Nazar ran the project, coordinating daily with the subs and field operations.
    The design and development of the project took about a year from going through land purchase, platting, design, engineering, and permit approvals.  Construction of the project was completed within 10 months.
    “The final cost was about $5.3 million,” says Stacy Johnson Assistant Financial Manager. 
    With only 11 employees, Austin Canyon Corporation performs 100% team-based negotiated work.
    “Because we are team-based we are more in a sub-bidders market than a bidders market.  Sometimes we lead them, sometimes the architects come to us and we join their team, and sometimes the owners ask us to put a team together.  So we always maintain a triangle between owner, architect, and contractor.”  Nazar is a licensed architect who fell in love with the dynamics of construction and prides himself on professionalism.
    For its innovation, the ARC Cedar Park project received a 2016 Outstanding Construction Award from the Associated General Contractors (AGC) at their recent awards ceremony.
    Austin Canyon Corporation is proud to be an Austin-based company, founded on June 6, 1986, constructing a variety of building types, including medical clinics, medical offices, banking, office buildings, retail and church facilities.  -cmw

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