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The haul guy

image Nelson Travers, founder of Gorilla Junk Removal

AUSTIN - It took a rather large memento from Nelson Travers’ optical retail years for him to see another calling.







    “I had an optical business in Louisiana which we closed after the hurricane, and I ended up with a heavy, old optical chair that you sit in during exams,” Travers explains. “We moved to Alvin, TX, I took the chair with me and put it in storage for a couple of years. Finally, it was time to get rid of it and I kept calling around but nobody would help me. I ended up renting a U-Haul truck and doing it myself. I figured that would be a nice business to go into someday, to pick up stuff from people’s houses or construction debris and get rid of it. I kept it in mind; eventually I moved to Austin, I established the business in 2010 and chang-ed the name to Gorilla Junk Removal
in 2013.”
     Travers has enjoyed the company’s rapid growth and hopes to expand the business, franchise it in other cities and add small demolition services. Travers has also enjoyed the changes switching businesses has brought.
    “I worked in a retail environment, so I was always indoors; I love being outdoors now,” he says. “I’m on the road all of the time; we service between north of Georgetown to San Antonio. I’m getting some exercise, meeting new people, and every job is completely different. That’s what I enjoy the most.”
    One thing Travers admits hasn’t changed is his own tidying habits, despite hauling roll-off heaps daily.
    “My wife would probably complain to you that I don’t want to do anything around the house after that all day long. The last thing I want to do is clean up around the house!” Travers says, laughing.
    Service provider Gorilla Junk Removal is located in Austin and Buda. –mjm

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