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NAWIC’s new leadership

image Beth Brooks

AUSTIN - On Aug. 30, Beth Brooks, CAE took over the role of executive vice president of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), a continuation of more than 30 years of leadership for the Certified Association Executive.





    “Professionally, I have been in association management my whole career,” she says. “This is my fourth association and my third as an executive director, executive vice president or CEO.”
    Involvement in one’s community was a value instilled early in Brooks’ life.
    “Both of my parents were huge volunteers within the community; I was raised in a service-oriented environment,” she says. “I never gave it much thought throughout college, but I was always a volunteer, such as serving as president of my sorority, so I guess it was in my blood.“
    Upon graduation from Texas Lutheran University, Brooks began her career in association management, working as director of communications for the Texas Dental Association, coordinating annual conferences for 7,000 attendees as well as the TDA’s publications and membership. After 10 years, she joined the Texas Pest Control Association as the association’s first full-time executive director. A decade later, she served as CEO for Texas Society of Association Executives for 15 years.
    Brooks, who will oversee her duties from NAWIC’s Fort Worth headquarters, is excited about her new role in the women’s association and its future.
    “Our board has noted this is a very exciting time for NAWIC, and it is one of the reasons they hired me; they’re looking for change and to grow this organization,” Brooks says. “It is very exciting to me; I’m very honored to be a part of this.”
    “NAWIC has a strategic plan, and one of the pillars of the strategic plan is to assess and create the infrastructure of the organi-zation,” she continues. “One of my first big goals, and it will take months, is to look at the infrastructure of the staff, our processes, and streamline what we’re working on, as well as review and update the governance structure of this organization.”
    In her free moments, Brooks enjoys spending time with her husband of 35 years, her 22-year-old son and the family dog, Buddy. She also enjoys traveling, swimming, the ice sport of curling and is an inaugural member of the long distance walking initiative EverWalk. –mjm

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