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About Us

Construction News, Ltd. is a group of monthly newspapers covering the construction industry in the major metropolitan areas of Texas. News coverage for each of the publications focuses on local industry people, companies, trade associations and events in that specific market. Each month, our combined circulation of over 35,000 reaches the majority of construction-related companies and professionals in our coverage regions by targeted direct mail and rack locations.


San Antonio Construction News, our first monthly publication, was founded in mid-1998 in San Antonio, Texas. The goal was to provide the local construction industry with a new type of publication focusing on local industry personnel, companies and construction projects in the seven-county metropolitan region of San Antonio. Starting with eight pages in the October 1998 issue, San Antonio Construction News has continued to evolve and has grown into a well-recognized and important publication in the San Antonio market.

In June 2001, Austin Construction News began publication and experienced immediate industry acceptance. Located in the State Capitol of Texas, this sister publication is the hub of coverage for legislative changes affecting the industry.

In May 2003, Dallas/Fort Worth Construction News began publication on a quarterly basis. Due to immediate acceptance and demand, the publication began a monthly publication schedule with the September 2003 issue.

Houston Construction News, like the Dallas/Fort Worth paper, publication began in 
May 2003, on a quarterly basis and became a monthly publication with the October 2003 issue.

Special Features are published on a periotic basis and are inserted in specific city papers.


All four newspapers use the same editorial guidelines and content mix and provide readers with the most comprehensive local coverage of the construction, design and engineering industries in each metropolitan area of coverage. 

Trade and professional associations are the heart of this industry and Construction News covers the activities of over 180 state and local chapters through our four newspapers in addition to national association coverage. 

Readers from all over the world can keep up to date on the construction industry in Texas by viewing selected feature stories and articles placed each month on this web site. In addition, full versions of each new issue and an archive of past issues is available for download in a PDF format. 

Construction News is the largest circulation construction (newspaper) publication in the State of Texas and one of the largest in the nation. The goal of the owners and staff is to continue providing quality stories, information and exposure about the Texas construction industry.


All Construction News papers are distributed by mail each month free of charge to qualified companies in the Construction, Design and Engineering industries in each papers service areas. In addition, Digital Subscriptions are available at no charge for each publication.